Top Network Sports Broadcaster Hannah Storm Shows Parents How to Teach Their Daughters to Foster a Love for Sports

May 23, 2002, 01:00 ET from Sourcebooks

    CHICAGO, May 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Hannah Storm knows the importance of
 sports involvement in a woman's life.  Still, even a top network sports
 broadcaster such as Storm had questions about how to bring sports into the
 lives of her own daughters.  With no single resource available to answer her
 questions, she did what any good reporter would do: her own research.
     Storm wants to share the knowledge she has gained with every parent, so
 they have help raising happy, successful daughters.  She has compiled her
 advice in a new book, Go Girl: Raising Healthy, Confident and Successful Girls
 through Sports ($16.95, Sourcebooks) available in stores or online.
     Studies have proven that girls benefit physically, academically and
 psychologically from playing sports.
     "Exercise has repeatedly shown to improve how girls feel about themselves
 in areas such as self-esteem, self-concept, self-confidence and perceptions of
 competence," Storm says.
     With improved self-esteem there comes a lower risk of sexual behavior and
 pregnancy.  Girls tend to do better in school and have an overall higher level
 of happiness when they are physically active.
     Storm insists that parents owe it to their daughter to encourage her to be
 active.  However, experts report that by the age of twelve, girls are six
 times as likely to drop out of sports than boys.   The reasons for this can be
 as complex as society's attitude toward gender roles, or as simple as lack of
 fun and injuries.
     "Parents' support of their daughter's participation is absolutely
 necessary," Storm says.  "It does not simply begin when she is old enough to
 play in a team sport, nor end when the season is over."
     It is an ongoing challenge that requires a consistent effort, but in the
 end, the dedication is well worth the reward.
     Go Girl answers questions about how to keep girls interested in sports as
 the transition from childhood to adolescence are answered too, along with
 advice from the experts on nutrition, coaching, injuries, sportsmanship,
 weight issues and much more.
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SOURCE Sourcebooks