Top-Producing Realtors Propel Keyes to $4.3 Billion Record-Breaking Year

Feb 13, 2006, 00:00 ET from The Keyes Company

    MIAMI, Feb. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- As Keyes Company honors its top-producing
 associates for 2005, the residential and commercial real estate company has
 additional reason to celebrate. Last year marked the first time the company
 reached sales of over $4 billion, and hit a sales force level of 2,000
     This success comes on the heels of Keyes' 80th anniversary this year.
 Since the company was originally founded in 1926 in downtown Miami, it has
 grown to 32 offices throughout southern and central Florida.  The company's
 annual sales awards program is a long-standing tradition that recognizes the
 professionalism and dedication of its Realtors.
     The sales awards are offered in several categories representing various
 top volume levels.  Associates who attain Vanguard status have reached $10
 million or more in volume during the year; sales professionals honored in the
 Chairman's Circle category have reached between $5 million and $10 million in
 sales; the President's Circle represents those who have reached $3 million to
 $5 million in volume; the company's Inner Circle category includes associates
 who have sold over $2 million in volume.
     For Keyes' ultimate achievers, the company has created the Keyes Hall of
 Fame for the top 10 residential specialists; top 5 residential specialist
 teams and top 10 commercial individuals and teams.  Circle of Excellence is
 another highly sought-after award that honors Keyes Company's top 20 earners.
     "Keyes' 14 Dade County offices had a substantial impact on the company's
 record-breaking year," says Keyes Company Regional Vice President Fritz
 Hawkins.  "It's exciting to be able to recognize this elite group of
 achievers." The following real estate associates based in Dade County were
 honored with the top Vanguard Award:
                               Natasha A. Gonell
                            Keyes Commercial Office
                           Alejandro J. Aguirre, P.A.
                                Andrea J. Ivory
           Claudia P. Gutierrez, also named Branch Rookie of the Year
     Donald G. Philips, also named in Hall of Fame and Circle of Excellence
      Julio A. Ulloa, also named in Hall of Fame and Circle of Excellence
                                 Magaly Romero
                  Marcelo Llorente, also named in Hall of Fame
                            Marlyn Bloomquist, P.A.
  Michael D. Llopis, P.A., also named in Hall of Fame and Circle of Excellence
                                Robert B. Yeakle
                                Scott M. Bennett
                                  Coral Gables
                             Enilda L. Rubin, P.A.
                               Piper Rothan, P.A.
                              Chris J. Forry, P.A.
                            Florida Keyes/South Dade
                                Louis R. Melara
                                Nancy J. O'Brien
               Susan Newman, also named in Top 10 Listing Agents
              Todd J. Akers, also named Branch Rookie of the Year
                                  Key Biscayne
  Angela P. Ocampo, P.A. and Gilberto Ocampo Team, also named in Hall of Fame
                            and Circle of Excellence
                                  Miami Beach
                Danell L. Van Orden, also named in Hall of Fame
                              Luiza M. Polyanskaya
                 Lydia Grace Thomas, also named in Hall of Fame
                             Marco Attinelli, P.A.
              Richard Leroy, also named Branch Rookie of the Year
       Sabeto Garazi, also named in Hall of Fame and Circle of Excellence
                                Sam G. Thompson
                                 Suzanne Sonner
                                Violette Fields
                                  North Miami
                              George Alan Sauvigne
                                  Palmetto Bay
              The Miami Dream Team (Andrew Tripodi and Raul Leyva)
    Carlos Garcia, LLC, also named in Hall of Fame and Circle of Excellence
                             Heriberto Alonso, P.A.
                    Isabel M. Navarro and Mohamed Morsy Team
                              Jane L. Carver, P.A
               Mari Carmen Roca, P.A., also named in Hall of Fame
                               Marlene Bernasconi
  Marlene Gonzalez, P.A., also named in Hall of Fame and Circle of Excellence
                      Carlos Pena and Frank Rosenberg Team
     In addition to the top volume and top earner associate honors, The Keyes
 Office Awards were also presented to recognize sales, volume, units and
 profitability achievements of the branch offices.
     The Chairman's Award for Top Residential Unit Volume to the Sunset/Kendall
 office, Victor Ulloa manager;
     The President's Award for Volume Improvement to the Miami Beach office,
 Frank Jewett manager;
     The Triumph Award for Overall Top Volume and Profit to the Commercial
 office, Floyd Cerf manager;
     The Shooting Star Award for Overall Growth to the Doral office,
 Eli Santurio manager;
     The Excellence Award for Net Hires, to the Brickell/Coconut Grove  office,
 Enrique Suarez manager
     The following individuals were recognized for their recruiting and
 training performance. Lillian Closius of the Sunset/Kendall office received
 the Top Recruiting Award, and Monica Hanna of the Kendall/Pinecrest office
 received the Most Listings With Trainee Award.
     "There are more real estate professionals competing for sales in our
 community than ever before, so it is a true testament to our associates'
 commitment to excellence when they are able to record more than $2 million in
 sales volume during a single year," said Keyes President Mike Pappas.
 "Whether an associate is a top earner in the Keyes Circle of Excellence or a
 multi-million-dollar producer, they deserve our recognition for going above
 and beyond to achieve exemplary success in a dynamic market."
     About The Keyes Company / Real Estate, Mortgage, and Title
     Through its successful history as an independently-owned family business,
 Keyes ( ) has become a legend in South Florida real
 estate and one of the largest firms in the country. Keyes has over 30 offices
 with the sales power of 2,000 professional associates. Keyes continues to
 grow, and reported record sales in excess of $4 billion in 2005. Keyes is
 celebrating 80 years of superior service, blending the traditional values of
 personal attention and customer service with the skills and utilization of
 "global approach" marketing systems.

SOURCE The Keyes Company