Top Winners of the Open CASCADE Developer Challenge to Enjoy a Week's Vacation For Two in the Sun

Challenge Finalists Demonstrate the Potential of These 3D Modeling Components

For the Development of Open-Source Functionality for CAD, CAM and Other

Scientific and Technical Applications

Oct 22, 2001, 01:00 ET from Open CASCADE

    PARIS, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- With their outstanding projects on the use
 of standard open-source tools (Automake, Autoconf) to build Open CASCADE
 applications and on the development of a 5-axis machining component based on
 Open CASCADE, two North American developers have tied for first place in the
 Open CASCADE Developer Challenge.  Robert Boehne of Chicago has won a week's
 vacation for two in Cancun, Mexico, and Olivier Coma of Montreal has won a
 similar trip to Callinago, Guadeloupe.
     Robert Boehne's project allows adapting Open CASCADE to all types of
 platforms and compilers, while the component developed by Olivier Coma can be
 used in applications for numerical control or robotics.
     The Open CASCADE Developer Challenge has demonstrated the interest of the
 developer community in the vast possibilities of these 3D modeling components
 for scientific and technical applications and has resulted in the enrichment
 of several areas of the software.  The Challenge jury was made up of
 outstanding international Open Source, research and CAD/CAM personalities.
     Winners comment on their projects and their participation in the Challenge
 at  All new components and
 project descriptions from the winners will be available in Open Source on the Web site by early November.
     Prize-winning projects
     Two projects also tied for second place. These were the entries of
 Stephane Routelous, also of Montreal, and of the three-person team from the
 Ecole Superieure d'Ingenierie Leonard de Vinci (ESILV), Paris-La Defense. Each
 of the second-place winners received a digital camera.
     Stephane Routelous created a modular application in the form of a reusable
 shell which proposes standard services like visualization or the save function
 and can accept the B-rep creation functions of Open CASCADE through dynamic
 download of a plug-in.
     Under the leadership of Jean-Marc Dupuy, Benedicte Martin and Christophe
 Rigo of the ESILV used various Open CASCADE components for constructing lines
 and circles from constraints such as tangency to develop a new Draw command
 for creating 2D contours.
     Giorgio Scorzelli of Rome, Italy, received a selection of fine French wine
 as third-place winner for his prototype project that adds MzScheme (a variant
 of LISP) as a functional language to the Open CASCADE geometric kernel.