Touchstone Investments Launches Diversified Small Cap Growth Fund

Fort Washington Investment Advisors Named Sub-Advisor

Sep 06, 2006, 01:00 ET from Touchstone Investments

    CINCINNATI, Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Touchstone Investments is expanding
 its product offering with the introduction of a Diversified Small Cap
 Growth Fund (the Fund), which will be sub-advised by Fort Washington
 Investment Advisors (Fort Washington). As sub-advisor, Fort Washington will
 make the decisions regarding buying and selling securities according to the
 Fund's investment goals and strategies.
     The Touchstone Diversified Small Cap Growth Fund focuses on emerging
 growth companies with market capitalizations ranging between $400 million
 to $2.5 billion. The Fund seeks to outperform its benchmark, the Russell
 2000 Growth Index, over a full market cycle by adding excess return while
 minimizing volatility through diversification and quality. The investment
 process is based on a disciplined bottom-up approach, one that emphasizes
 style discipline along with risk management. To generate attractive
 risk-adjusted returns, the strategy invests in growth companies with an
 emphasis on improving fundamentals and quality.
     "We are very pleased to offer Fort Washington's management expertise to
 our shareholders," said Jim Grifo, president of Touchstone Investments.
 "Fort Washington's investment professionals are known for their careful
 analyses and thorough understanding of the complexities of the small cap
 sector which are keys to maximizing returns." The Fund will be managed by
 Fort Washington's Columbus, Ohio office. Fort Washington's Columbus
 investment group is led by vice president and managing director Richard R.
 Jandrain, III. Jandrain and his team have a proven track record and
 expertise in the small cap market, as well as a disciplined investment
     "Touchstone's launch of the Diversified Small Cap Growth Fund with Fort
 Washington is a credit to the small cap capabilities and expertise of Rick
 and his team. With over 50 years of combined investment management
 experience, this group has a deep understanding of the small cap growth
 equity market," said Maribeth Rahe, president and chief executive officer
 for Fort Washington.
     An investor should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks,
 charges, and expenses found in the prospectus. For a prospectus containing
 complete information about the Touchstone Diversified Small Cap Growth Fund
 call 1.800.543.0407. Please read the prospectus before investing or sending
 money. For performance information current to the most recent month end
     About Touchstone Investments
     With nearly $8 billion in assets under management, Touchstone
 Investments, comprised of Touchstone Securities, Inc. and Touchstone
 Advisors, Inc. provides a variety of mutual fund solutions across the
 investment spectrum. The company is adept at identifying investment needs,
 designing innovative products and delivering a selection of premier
 institutional money managers who act in a sub-advisory capacity. Touchstone
 offers a disciplined approach with proven results focused on consistent
 performance. The Touchstone Funds and Constellation funds are advised by
 Touchstone Advisors, a registered investment advisor, and are distributed
 nationally through broker-dealers, financial planners and financial
 institutions by Touchstone Securities Inc.(1) Touchstone Advisors and
 Touchstone Securities are each part of Western & Southern Financial
 Group(R) whose heritage dates to 1888 and whose assets owned or under
 management exceeds $39 billion. For more information about, please visit For more information about
 Constellation Funds Group, please visit
     About Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc.
     Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc. (Fort Washington), founded
 May 16, 1990, is the money management and primary investment arm of The
 Western and Southern Life Insurance Company (Western-Southern), with more
 than $26.3 billion in assets*. Fort Washington is a registered investment
 advisor under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 as amended ("the Act"),
 registration granted September 1990, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of
 Western-Southern, an A++ rated (ratings determined by A.M. Best and are
 subject to change) insurance company founded in 1888, and part of the
 Western & Southern Financial Group(R) (W&SFG). Certain employees of
 Western-Southern's Finance Department began managing investments for
 Western-Southern, and its affiliates, in 1984, developing expertise in
 Fixed Income, Public Equity and Private Equity. Western-Southern formally
 established Fort Washington in 1990, and subsequently transferred certain
 members of the Finance Department personnel to the newly formed entity. The
 purpose of Fort Washington is two- fold: 1) to provide investment expertise
 to third party national institutional and high net worth clients, and, 2)
 to continue offering high caliber investment options to the parent company.
 For more information, visit
     Ratings refer to the financial strength of the insurance company and
 not to the safety, stability or performance of any investment product.
     * As of 6/30/06 does not include Todd Investment Advisors, Inc., a wholly
       owned subsidiary, with $3.9 billion in assets; or Fort Washington
       Capital Partners Group, a division for Fort Washington Investment
       Advisors, Inc., with more than $1.1 billion in commitments under
       management and/or advisement.
     (1) A registered investment advisor.
     (2) A registered broker-dealer and member NASD/SIPC.

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