Travel Channel to Revamp Primetime Line Up in 4th Quarter of 2003

Jul 09, 2003, 01:00 ET from Travel Channel

    LOS ANGELES, July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The Travel Channel announced today
 numerous changes to its primetime programming line-up.  Beginning in the
 Fourth Quarter of 2003, the network will revamp its primetime schedule in one
 of the first on-air changes implemented by newly appointed Executive Vice
 President and General Manager, Rick Rodriguez.
     "After reviewing our schedule, it was clear to me that we had a large
 amount of great original programming that was being lost in anthologies that
 were either too broad or too generic.  The seven new slots we're introducing
 will make it easier to find these shows and to navigate our primetime from
 hour to hour and week to week," said Rodriguez.  "These clearly defined
 programming strands will allow us to deliver more consistent content and will
 afford us the opportunity to expand upon the depth and the quality of our
 story telling.  Further, the new schedule will also serve as a launching pad
 for a slate of new series that we will premiere throughout 2004."
     The new Fourth Quarter 2003 strands include:
     KINGS OF THE ROAD (WT):  Every weekend in America, legions of fans gather
 across the country to celebrate the joys of owning and operating the classic
 road machine.  Whether it is automobile or motorcycle, the KINGS OF THE ROAD
 anthology explores this high-octane passion from every possible angle --
 offering viewers a variety of collectors, modifiers, and customizers from all
 over the country and the world.
     ENDS OF THE EARTH (WT):  This anthology will take viewers to the most
 remote places on the planet where they can experience the rich cultures,
 diversity and natural wonders that the world has to offer.  Whether it is the
 South Pacific, or the Secrets of Ancient China, ENDS OF THE EARTH will make
 the television a viewer's window to the world.
     WEIRD TRAVELS (WT):  Viewers be warned -- watch if you dare.  WEIRD
 TRAVELS is filled with ghost-laden castles, spine-chilling lore, strange
 phenomena and haunted highways.  Viewers will witness the tales of ghouls and
 spirits come alive as Travel Channel climbs creaking stairs to America's most
 haunted places, the top 10 spooky places, and to haunted hotels where locks
 and keys can't keep out unexpected guests.
     HIDDEN (WT): The Travel Channel cameras capture the intriguing sub-
 cultures found all across America.  From the psychic community of Sedona,
 Arizona to the bodybuilders of Venice Beach, California, Travel Channel brings
 viewers into these unique worlds.
     TRAVEL CHANNEL'S GREAT OUTDOORS (WT):  From Yellowstone to Yosemite, from
 the Canadian Rockies to the Great Barrier Reef, THE GREAT OUTDOORS celebrates
 the world's most breath-taking natural parks, and provides viewers a treasure
 trove of natural beauty and splendor that has been preserved for the enjoyment
 of all.
     FOOD CRAZY (WT):  This anthology will take viewers on a culinary journey
 to the world's most delicious destinations.  From the most exotic fares, to
 the traditional staples of the American diet, Travel Channel's FOOD CRAZY will
 serve up a little something for every palate.  Viewers will go behind the
 scenes to find out everything from where these culinary delights are made, to
 how they're made, and best of all, the Travel Channel will showcase the best
 places to satisfy cravings.
     GET PACKING:  Imagine going on vacation with a stranger, and all you know
 about your traveling companion is what you derive from a quick search of their
 home.  Based on that information alone, contestants will have only a few hours
 to work with a "shopping coordinator" to purchase everything they will need
 for a vacation for two -- everything, that is, that can fit into one suitcase.
 Meanwhile, another contestant is doing the very same thing; trying to win the
 trip by filling a suitcase with items that convey their own creativity and
 imagination.  The traveling companion picks the winner by selecting which bag
 best represents his or her individual personality and style.
     The Travel Channel is the only television network devoted exclusively to
 travel entertainment.  Capturing the fascination, freedom and fun of travel,
 Travel Channel delivers insightful stories from the world's most popular
 destinations and inspiring diversions.  It is available in more than 70
 million homes and is a service of Discovery Networks, U.S., a unit of
 Discovery Communications, Inc., operates and manages the Discovery Channel,
 TLC, Animal Planet, the Travel Channel, Discovery Health Channel, Discovery HD
 Theater, Discovery Kids Channel, Discovery Times Channel, The Science Channel,
 Discovery Home & Leisure Channel, Discovery Wings Channel, Discovery en
 Espanol and The Health Network.  The unit also distributes BBC AMERICA.

SOURCE Travel Channel