Traveling Abroad This Holiday Season? Cingular Survey Finds American Travelers Want Their U.S. Wireless Service

Whether by Land or by Sea, Cingular Makes it Easy to Stay Connected When

Traveling Abroad

Dec 11, 2006, 00:00 ET from Cingular Wireless

    ATLANTA, Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Many Americans will hit the roads, the
 waves and the sky this holiday season to spend time with loved ones or
 simply to enjoy a nice vacation break. For those travelers looking for an
 international holiday getaway, Cingular Wireless knows that the wireless
 phone is the top communication choice for Americans who need (or want) to
 stay connected when traveling abroad.
     More than one in four Americans use their cell phone service when
 traveling abroad and half said they are likely to use their cell phone when
 making their next international trip, according to a Cingular survey on
 international travel conducted by ICR (International Communications
 Research). Sixty-four percent of traveling respondents prefer traditional
 wireless service as their top choice of communication because of its ease
 and convenience, easy access for others and peace of mind in case of
     Although the majority of Cingular survey respondents preferred
 communicating via wireless phone over other choices in the survey such as
 stationary, postcards or using a laptop computer, many still did not know
 how to use their wireless service abroad.
     "More and more consumers want to stay connected when they are
 vacationing near home or abroad," said William Hague, executive vice
 president, International Roaming Operations for Cingular Wireless. "Many
 travelers don't realize just how easy it is to use their U.S. wireless
 service out of the country. Because Cingular operates on a GSM network, the
 most commonly used wireless platform worldwide, our customers benefit from
 the ease of use and seamless transition when traveling from one country to
 the next."
     Cingular Wireless' International Roaming features voice service in over
 185 countries and data service in over 120 countries. Cingular customers
 can also keep in touch with folks back home by sending text and multimedia
 messages, which comes in handy with time zone differences.
     The Caribbean is a popular destination year round, but particularly
 during the chilly winter months. With Cingular World Traveler for only
 $5.99 a month, customers can enjoy great roaming rates in several Caribbean
      - $1.69 per minute in Aruba, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Jamaica,
        St. Maarten and St. Lucia
      - $1.99 per minute in Antigua, Bahamas and British Virgin Islands
     In a separate survey conducted recently by American Express, whereby
 402 of their travel agents were surveyed to identify patterns in travel
 plans for the upcoming holiday travel season, it was revealed that about
 two-thirds of those responding said the week between Christmas Day and New
 Year's Day will be the busiest for travel this year.*
     Cruise ship travel is also a holiday favorite for many consumers,
 especially families who take advantage of the time off. Cingular offers
 cruise ship roaming for only $2.49 per minute on Carnival Cruise Line,
     Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises,
 Regent Seven Seas, and Island Cruises among others.
     Cingular World packages allow customers to:
      - Receive phone calls around the world when someone dials their local
        wireless phone number
      - Stay connected to e-mail worldwide, using laptop or portable data
        devices, just like at home
      - Avoid unfamiliar pay phones or expensive hotel rates
      - Get unlimited e-mail at home and abroad with Blackberry device
     "In addition to competitive wireless calling packages, Cingular also
 offers the largest selection of quad-band devices -- more than any other
 U.S. wireless carrier, which allows our customers to roam virtually
 anywhere using their same phone and phone number," said David Christopher,
 vice president, Product Management, Cingular Wireless. "For business
 travelers, we also recently introduced the Cingular 8525 Pocket PC, the
 first UMTS/HSDPA-enabled PDA in North America. Now our customers can enjoy
 wireless broadband connectivity in North America as well as in dozens of
 countries abroad, including Japan and South Korea."
     Cingular offers consumers the following four travel tips for their cell
 phone abroad:
      1. Make sure your cellular service provider has roaming available in the
         country you are visiting.  This information is usually posted on their
         Web site.
      2. Make sure your phone is a "world" phone that can operate outside North
         America.  For the best international coverage, choose a "quad band"
         world phone that operates on 850/1900 (North American) and 900/1800
         (most other countries) frequencies.
      3. Check with your service provider to be sure international roaming
         service has been enabled on your account.  Typically, an additional
         feature must be activated by your service provider.  This can usually
         be done at no additional charge, unless you choose a discount package.
      4. Learn how to make calls when using your cellular service in another
         country.  Using GSM service, you can place calls from any country
         without knowing the international access code.  Simply dial "+",
         followed by the country code, then the number (the U.S. country code
         is "1").  So, for example, to call home from France, dial: +1(area
         code)(number). In most GSM devices, holding down the 0 key will cause
         the + sign to appear.
     For more information on Cingular World, visit .
     Cingular Survey Methodology: The survey was conducted during July
 20-24, 2006 and surveyed 1,071 adults ages 18+ with wireless service. The
 margin of error for this sample is plus or minus three percentage points.
     *American Express Holiday Poll results were obtained from press release
 dated Nov. 17, 2006 and is posted on .
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