Traveling with Paralysis Made Easier Through The Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center

Celebrity spokespersons for the PRC encourage

those paralyzed to get out and about

May 23, 2005, 01:00 ET from The Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center

    SHORT HILLS, N.J., May 23 /PRNewswire/ -- As summer sets in all across the
 country, families everywhere are making travel plans for their summer
 vacations. As spokespersons for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis
 Resource Center (PRC) and its Minority Communities Outreach Campaign, actor,
 Daryl "Chill" Mitchell and Hollywood couple, Dustin Nguyen and Angela
 Rockwood-Nguyen, encourage those living with paralysis to do the same.
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     "We live in one of the most beautiful countries on earth," said the actor
 Dustin Nguyen, who recently wrapped filming his upcoming feature, 'Little
 Fish,' co-starring Cate Blanchett. "It's a shame not to try to explore more of
 it. With the resources available today, especially found at the Paralysis
 Resource Center, there are countless opportunities and ways to travel." His
 wife, Angela Rockwood-Nguyen, agreed: "I've been paralyzed for almost four
 years now, but that doesn't stop me from making the effort to travel and see
 as much as I did before my accident.  In fact, we just visited New Jersey a
 couple of weeks ago, when we toured the PRC. It's incredibly liberating to
 take a trip and explore new places!"
     "Since my accident, my travel schedule has not slowed down but seems
 busier than before my injury," said Daryl "Chill" Mitchell who plans to go
 fishing on his summer vacation. "And these days, with so many more services
 available for those traveling with paralysis, I can maintain my schedule and
 broaden my travel plans. Many beach towns have ramps or paths to the
 waterfront. There are accessible airport shuttles, para-transit services,
 tours, tour companies and taxi services all across the United States. You'll
 find a treasure trove of helpful links on the PRC's Web site,, so you're really just one-click away from a great
     Dana Reeve agrees. "I know first-hand the daily challenges that come with
 living with paralysis for both the individual as well as the caregiver," said
 Reeve. "But with the services that can be found through our Paralysis Resource
 Center, we can all take advantage of the summer travel opportunities and
 vacations.  It's really important that you get out there, recharge your
 batteries, and re-discover all the wonderful benefits traveling has to offer."
     Angela Rockwood-Nguyen was injured in an automobile accident in September
 2001, shortly before her wedding to Dustin Nguyen. Chill Mitchell was injured
 in a motorcycle accident, also in 2001. Both of them maintain active
 lifestyles and are great role models for their communities, as well as
 paralyzed people all over the country. They encourage and inspire others to Go
     The Minority Communities Outreach Campaign is a new public awareness
 initiative of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center (PRC), a
 program of the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, formed through a
 cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The
 PRC provides information services to people and their families nationwide who
 are living with paralysis. For more information on the PRC, please visit

SOURCE The Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center