Tribridge's Consulting Services Drive Improved Client Performance

Aug 13, 2002, 01:00 ET from Tribridge

    TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Mid-market companies seeking a
 performance edge look to Tribridge for business consulting services that
 maximize their return on investments in customers, operations and technology.
     "Tribridge solves business problems -- it's that simple," says Tony
 DiBenedetto, Tribridge chairman and CEO.  "We've developed a collaborative
 service model that provides high quality/high value practical solutions
 designed and managed by experienced consultants.  And, because we specialize
 in companies in the middle market, we are able to bring that service model to
 a previously under-served market."
     Founded in 1998 by three former "Big Five" business consulting executives,
 Tribridge designs, develops and implements business process and technology
 solutions throughout a client's organization, including customer solutions and
 operations.  The firm also offers specialized consultation in the healthcare
 industry, with a growing focus on healthcare customer solutions.
     "Business processes and technology must go hand in hand," says
 DiBenedetto.  "We can never focus on one without realizing the impact on the
 other, even if that isn't part of the project directive.  This allows us to
 produce results that are integrated and therefore more effective across the
     Tribridge approach to business consulting
     With an average annual growth rate of more than 80 percent, Tribridge now
 has more than 50 team members and offices in Atlanta, Orlando, Fla. and Tampa.
 DiBenedetto notes that the impressive growth rate results from the following
     *  Value and quality:  Using proven methodologies and relying on deep
        industry experience, Tribridge offers clients exceptional value that is
        characterized by high quality services and practical solutions.
     *  A culture of collaboration:  Tribridge encourages an entrepreneurial
        approach to problem solving that is built upon a collaborative
        relationship with clients.  In addition, Tribridge team members are
        actively involved in community activities, linking their success to
        that of their communities.
     *  Experienced local consultants:  For the most part, team members live in
        the same community in which they work, which allows them to create
        long-term client relationships.  Many are former "Big Five" directors
        and managers, averaging more than 10 years of successful experience.
     Consulting services and methodology
     Using structured, proven methodologies, Tribridge focuses its consulting
 offerings on services that provide the most direct benefit to middle market
     Customer solutions services are centered on the core front office
 processes of marketing, sales and customer service.  These include strategic
 assessment, CRM software selection and implementation, custom CRM application
 design and development, process design/redesign and web site
     Operations services focus on business process and technology offerings,
 including business process assessment and redesign, strategic systems
 planning, business application integration, e-business planning, software
 selection/implementation, custom application design/development and
 Intranet/web site design and implementation.
     Technology services, while supporting the other service areas, focus on
 development of custom business applications and assisting clients apply
 packaged software.  Specific services include strategic systems planning,
 e-business planning, software selection/implementation, Intranet and web site
 design/development and business application integration.
     Healthcare services, currently Tribridge's only vertical industry
 specialization, focus on the three primary areas of revenue cycle enhancement,
 including claims denial management and verification of third party payer
 payments; compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
 Act (HIPAA); and customer solutions, with particular focus on the service
 experience as well as customer and employee loyalty.
     Tribridge's methodology is highly collaborative. It begins with an
 assessment of the business and its people and culminates in a change
 management-focused implementation that ensures that new processes and
 technology will be agreed to and adopted throughout the organization.
     "Today's mid-market companies are looking for creative ways to move beyond
 cost-cutting to improve overall profitability," says DiBenedetto.  "We believe
 Tribridge's integrated approach to business consulting can provide them the
 edge they need to support future growth."
     Tribridge ( provides business consulting services,
 ranging from assessment through implementation, to middle market companies.
 Services are focused in the areas of customer solutions, operations,
 technology and healthcare.  Based in Tampa, Fla., Tribridge has additional
 offices in Orlando, Fla. and Atlanta.
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