Trinity Medical Center Announces Plans for Digital Hospital Site

"Trinity on 280" will provide increased access to greater population

Sep 30, 2008, 01:00 ET from Trinity Medical Center

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Trinity Medical Center today
 filed of a Letter of Intent with the State of Alabama Certificate of Need
 (CON) Board for the relocation of Trinity Medical Center to what is known
 in the Birmingham Region as the "280 Digital Hospital."
     Trinity's decision to relocate to the 280 site keeps Trinity in close
 proximity to its staff, patients and physicians; makes emergency and other
 medical services more accessible to the region's population; and utilizes
 an existing -- but vacant -- one million-square feet of commercial real
 estate. The project allows Trinity and its ancillary businesses to remain
 within the City of Birmingham and allows hospital relocation to occur
 quickly. The project is also much less costly than the previous proposal
 and promotes an environmentally conscious development that minimizes
 additional construction impact.
     Original developers of the 280 site successfully received community
 support and State approval for the facility when it was deemed necessary to
 fulfill medical needs for residents in the 280 Corridor area. Though
 development of the state-of-the-art facility began in 2001, construction
 stalled in 2003 and the building was never completed. The 280 Corridor is
 one of the busiest in the state, and several hospital operators have sought
 approval to build micro-hospitals with access to Hwy 280.
     "Today we are ensuring that Trinity Medical Center will remain a part
 of Birmingham. By securing this deal, we will also develop one of the most
 important pieces of property in the City and secure the jobs that go with
 it," said Mayor Larry P. Langford.
     Trinity is prepared to commit the resources necessary to complete the
 full-service medical center concept the community desired. In so doing,
 Trinity will expand its reach into this underserved section of the county
 and will continue to support physicians and clinicians in the area.
     "This building is a wonderful asset for the entire region as well as an
 accessible, highly visible location for a community medical center. We're
 excited to be able to revitalize this property to its best use," said
 Trinity Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Bill Heburn. "We look
 forward to completing negotiations with the property owners and to filing
 our formal request for a Certificate of Need."
     Former owners of Trinity originally planned to relocate the hospital to
 property off I-459 in the Grants Mill Road area, and had worked with
 Irondale city leadership on those arrangements. With today's filings,
 Trinity remains committed to working with the community in identifying
 appropriate use of the I-459 property to complement Irondale's future

SOURCE Trinity Medical Center