Trying a Zipcar Could Improve Your Sex Life

- Sex Drive Takes on a New Meaning -

May 18, 2004, 01:00 ET from Zipcar

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- For less than the price of a New
 York City taxi ride, Zipcar members may actually improve their sex lives,
 according a survey conducted by a new magazine, Men's Car.  Get up and go just
 took on a whole new meaning.
     The survey of 2,253 motorists found that men who drive BMW's had more sex
 than any other car user, on the average of 2.2 times a week.  Volkswagen
 drivers ranked third in the survey, having sex an average of 1.9 times a week.
 Zipcar offers BMW's and Volkswagen Beetles, Jettas and Golfs by the hour or
 the day in Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C.
     Since 1999, Zipcar ( has provided urban residents and
 commuters with self-service, on-demand access to cool cars, including BMW's
 and VW's.  Renting a Zipcar, which is quickly changing the car rental industry
 in the same way email changed the U.S. Mail system, is as easy as getting cash
 from an ATM because of patent-pending technology that allows members automated
 access to cool cars 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
     "We've been amazed by the popularity of the BMW's in our fleet. We assumed
 it was the fine German engineering, perhaps this explains it better," said
 Scott Griffith, Zipcar CEO. "If our members want more BMW's we're going to get
     In addition to having more fun, Zipcar members also have more money-since
 they don't have to shell it out each month for car payments, insurance, gas,
 maintenance, and parking-these are all included in Zipcar membership.  Zipcar
 makes good financial sense, but it also helps reduce congestion and improves
 the quality of life in urban neighborhoods.
     Zipcar members make automated reservations online or over the phone in
 less than two minutes. Zipcar transmits a wireless message to the reserved
 car, informing it who has reserved it and for how long.
     Once the member arrives at the car, their Zipcard identifies them as the
 right person at the right time and the door automatically unlocks and they
 drive away.  They return the car to the same reserved parking space, lock it
 up with their Zipcard and walk away.  Billing information is sent back
 wirelessly to Zipcar and automatically billed to the member's account.
     More than 18,000 people have joined Zipcar since 1999.  Zipcar currently
 operates over 300 vehicles in Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C. Visit for details.
     About Zipcar
     Launched in 1999 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Zipcar is the new twist on
 traditional rental car companies because it offers self-service, on-demand
 vehicles by the hour or by the day.  The vehicles are conveniently parked
 throughout major metropolitan areas such as Boston, New York and Washington,
 D.C.  For more information, visit
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