TVersity Announces on the Fly WMV Transcoding for the Xbox 360

Nov 27, 2006, 00:00 ET from TVersity Inc.

    NEW YORK, Nov. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- TVersity Inc., the pioneer in
 delivering Internet and home media to televisions and mobile devices, today
 announced on the fly WMV transcoding for the Xbox 360.
     "We are very excited to allow owners of the Xbox 360 to easily overcome
 the video playback limitations of this device", said Ronen Mizrahi,
 President of TVersity Inc., "With TVersity they can, for the first time,
 access video files in formats not natively supported by the Xbox 360 (like
 Divx/Xvid and H.264), play Internet TV channels of their choice, and access
 video podcasts and RSS feeds (from YouTube, Yahoo, Google and many more) --
 All this without requiring a Media Center PC!"
     TVersity's media server is universal in the range of devices it can
 serve and in the types of media it can handle. By doing all the necessary
 conversions of media formats and streaming protocols on the fly, TVersity
 overcomes the inherent limitations of target devices thus allowing playback
 of any media on any device.
     TVersity is also announcing today its plans to support the Sony
 Playstation 3, which will be added to the long list of connected devices
 already supported by TVersity. This list includes networked TVs, DVDs,
 STBs, media receivers, PDAs, mobiles phones, and other mobile devices (like
 the Nokia 770 Internet tablet and the Sony PSP).
     "Our goal is to empower users to personalize their entertainment
 experience and to extend this experience beyond the PC to TVs and to a wide
 range of connected devices and applications", said Mr. Mizrahi, "As users
 invest more time in organizing and personalizing their favorite content,
 they essentially become the new programmers and they expect to have access
 to their programming from any multimedia capable device -- This is what
 TVersity is all about, personalization of multimedia content and ubiquitous
     TVersity is available now for free download at
     About TVersity Inc.
     TVersity is empowering individuals to organize and personalize their
 home and Internet multimedia collection (audio, video and images) and is
 enabling universal access to it anywhere (at the home or on the go) anytime
 and from any device. TVersity is a privately held company in Tenafly, NJ.
 For more information about TVersity, please visit

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