TV's Original Bachelor Alex Michel Offers Advice to Bachelorettes, and the Bachelors They Spurn, When Seeking True Love

Jan 13, 2003, 00:00 ET from

    DALLAS, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Across the nation singles tuned in to the
 premiere of TV reality show "The Bachelorette," where in the same manner as
 the original "Bachelor" series, Trista will choose from among 25 eligible
 bachelors to find true love.  Alex Michel, from the first season of "The
 Bachelor" and now a spokesperson for online dating site, has some
 dating advice for the nation's bachelorettes and bachelors.
     "Whether you're a Bachelorette television star with 25 bachelors to choose
 from, or one of the millions of singles with profiles on today, who
 often have hundreds of compatible matches from which they can make their
 dating selections, so much of dating success depends on your choices," said spokesperson Alex Michel.  "I encourage singles to follow both their
 heads and their hearts, as romantic magic is part strategy and part
 chemistry." is a popular destination for singles seeking great dates as well
 as life mates, and if this season's soon-to-be rejected 24 bachelors believe
 there can be love after Trista, online dating can offer more opportunity and
 vastly improved odds at success.  And TV bachelors who have had enough of the
 limelight are likely to enjoy online dating at, which is secure and
 anonymous in the early stages of the getting-to-know-you process.
     Alex Michel has this advice to offer to real-life bachelorettes, and
 bachelors, on how to have more romantic opportunity in their dating lives:
     *  Join an online dating service:  You'll find many of today's eligible
        singles on the Internet.  In fact, more than 27 million people visited
        matchmaking sites in October of 2002, according to ComScore Media
     *  Pick the service that is right for you:  Make sure to log on to an
        online dating site where you'll find the singles you'd most like to
        meet; the bachelors and bachelorettes you'll find on tend to
        be professional, attractive, college-educated singles who are sincerely
        looking for great dates.
     *  Be resolved to succeed:  In a recent survey, 32% of the
        singles surveyed said that their New Year's resolution would be to go
        on more dates or fall in love.  Be assertive when dating online and
        post a photo or send an email to a member who seems intriguing.
     *  Narrow down the field:  In the end, successful dating is all about
        making good choices, and just as TV's Bachelorette will eliminate many
        eligible bachelors, you'll need to narrow your choices based on the
        qualities that are most important to you.
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