UCB Launches $300,000 National Scholarship Program for People Living With Crohn's Disease

Scholarship Recipients From 2006 Pilot Program Announced

Mar 01, 2007, 00:00 ET from UCB, Inc.

    ATLANTA, March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- UCB, Inc. announced today the national
 roll out of the 2007 Crohn's Scholarship Program, which will award 30,
 one-time scholarships of up to $10,000 to people diagnosed with Crohn's
 disease who demonstrate academic ambition and who are reaching beyond the
 boundaries of their condition. The program is an expansion of UCB's pilot
 scholarship program in 2006 that was rolled out on a smaller scale by
 gastroenterologists at nine leading medical institutions across the
 country. In 2006, $10,000 scholarships were awarded to 12 Crohn's patients.
     Crohn's disease is a chronic and debilitating inflammatory disease of
 the gastrointestinal tract, affecting more than 500,000 people in the
 United States. As Crohn's disease is a chronic ailment, people go through
 unpredictable periods in which the disease flares up and causes symptoms.
 These episodes are followed by times of remission -- periods in which
 symptoms disappear or decrease and good health returns.
     "UCB has an ongoing commitment to providing patients with unique
 programs and tools that help them reach beyond the boundaries of their
 disease," said David Robinson, Vice President, Immunology Business Unit,
 UCB. "The 2006 recipients demonstrated an astounding commitment to both
 their academics and to improving the lives of others with Crohn's disease.
 In expanding the scholarship program, we plan to continue assisting
 students of all ages enabling them to achieve their dreams of pursuing a
 college education."
     The 2006 winners were chosen by a selection committee of nine leading
 gastroenterologists specializing in treating Crohn's disease. Winners were
 evaluated based on their essays, which highlight how they overcome the
 boundaries of Crohn's disease; letters of recommendations; and their level
 of academic ambition.
     A 2006 winner, Gideon Sofer, demonstrated his ability to reach beyond
 boundaries by working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help raise
 awareness of Crohn's disease and its effect on daily life. After seeing how
 stamps had generated much needed attention for diseases such as AIDS and
 breast cancer, he worked with the foundation to call on the United States
 Postal Service to commission a stamp for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD),
 which includes both Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Sofer met with
 the U.S. Postmaster General, John Potter, and his stamp currently is under
 committee review.
     "I was diagnosed with Crohn's when I was 12, weighing less than 45
 pounds. Not only did I hurt physically from this disease, but I was
 emotionally torn because people do not like to talk about it," said Sofer.
 "The UCB Crohn's Scholarship Program gives students like me an opportunity
 to share our story and make a difference in life through our studies."
     2006 Scholarship Recipients
     -- Taylor Barbrow, a Long Grove, IL native attending Dominican University
     -- Erin Coles, a Sandusky, OH native attending Bowling Green State
     -- Bruno Frustace, a New Windsor, NY native attending Swathmore College
     -- Brittney Hill, a Norwalk, OH native attending Ohio University
     -- Annabel Jarman, an Acworth, GA native attending Brigham Young
     -- Marisa Morale, a Brooklyn, NY native attending St. Francis College
     -- Simone Ovsey, a Northridge, CA native attending Massachusetts Institute
        of Technology
     -- Dylana Rowe, a Carrollton, GA native attending West Central Technical
     -- Gideon Sofer, a Highland Park, NJ native attending the University of
        California, Berkeley
     -- John Tiley, a Hammond, LA native attending Southeastern Louisiana
     -- Kendall Urban, an Austin, TX native attending Southern Methodist
     -- Michael Zargham, a Troy, NY native attending Dartmouth College
     Apply Now for the 2007 Program
     Applications for the 2007 program are available now by visiting,
 www.crohnsandme.com, calling 1-800-234-8770 or emailing
 ucbcrohnsscholarship@srcomgroup.com. This program is designed for
 applicants of any age -- from graduating high school seniors to adults
 wanting to return to school to complete a masters degree. Qualifying for
 the 2007 scholarship program is easy. Applicants must be:
     -- A legal and permanent resident of the United States
     -- Diagnosed with Crohn's disease by a physician
     -- Seeking an associate's, undergraduate, or graduate degree or enrolled
        in a trade school educational program
     -- A student who demonstrates academic ambition and embraces a way of life
        that overcomes the boundaries of living with Crohn's disease
     -- Enrolled in or awaiting acceptance from a United States-based
        institution of higher education for the fall semester of 2007
     2007 Application Deadline and Determination of Scholarship Amount
     Applications for the 2007 Crohn's Scholarship Program must be
 postmarked by May 18, 2007 and the winners will be notified via phone by
 UCB from July 9 through July 15, 2007. Recipients of scholarships will be
 chosen by a selection committee comprised of the following medical
     -- Marla Dubinsky, M.D., Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
     -- George Ferry, M.D., Texas Children's Hospital
     -- Bret Lashner, M.D., Cleveland Clinic
     -- Uma Mahadevan, M.D., University of California, San Francisco Center for
        Colitis and Crohn's Disease
     -- Scott Plevy, M.D., University of North Carolina
     -- David Rubin, M.D., University of Chicago
     -- Corey Siegel, M.D., Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
     -- Thomas Ullman, M.D., Mt. Sinai, New York
     -- Doug Wolf, M.D., Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates
     Employees of UCB and their immediate family members are not eligible
 for this scholarship. Selection of recipients will be at the sole
 discretion of the panel members chosen by UCB. After a winner's educational
 enrollment has been verified for the fall 2007 semester, the scholarship
 check will be made payable to and directly mailed to the educational
 institution on July 16, 2007. Scholarship amounts will be up to $10,000 to
 cover the recipient's tuition and/or educational materials expenses.
 However, if a student does not have a minimum of $10,000 in educational
 expenses owed for his/her schooling, the scholarship amount will only cover
 the remaining amount. Scholarship money cannot be used towards expenses
 other than those due to the school for education expenses. If UCB learns
 that an applicant does not have any remaining costs owed to the academic
 institution, he/she will no longer be eligible for the scholarship. Winners
 of the 2006 scholarship program are not eligible for the 2007 scholarship
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