UK & Republic of Ireland General Lighthouse Authorities Turn to Trimble GPS For Future Navigation

Jan 22, 1998, 00:00 ET from Trimble Navigation Limited

    LONDON, Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Trimble (Nasdaq:   TRMB) announced today
 that it has been chosen by the General Lighthouse Authorities (GLA) of the
 United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland to provide equipment and services to
 develop a public, state-of-the-art coastal marine navigation aid using marine
     Trimble equipment will be used to establish 12 Differential Global
 Positioning Systems (DGPS) stations and 3 control stations around the UK
 & Republic of Ireland. This will provide the first continuous and publicly
 available DGPS service in these territories, significantly enhancing safety
 and navigational accuracy at sea and around the coast.
     The establishment of a UK and Republic of Ireland DGPS service brings the
 territories in line with other European countries. DGPS reference radiobeacon
 stations have already been installed in the United States, Canada, Scandinavia
 as well as much of central Europe, and as such is proven to provide a reliable
 and accurate service to marine users. The GLA/Trimble contract fulfills an
 initial plank of the GLA's marine navigation plan, which sets out a strategy
 for navigation into the 21st century with significant cost savings of
 30 million pound sterling (approximately US $48 million) over a 20-year
 period, and is fully supported by the British Government (under statutory
 instrument 3013, 1997). The new DGPS service enables the GLAs to achieve cost
 saving by discontinuing the Decca navigation system, which is outdated and
 expensive to maintain.
     Rear-Admiral Patrick Rowe, Executive Chairman at Trinity House, said:
 "This installation is a major step forward in the provision of navigational
 systems for the UK and Republic of Ireland. Trimble has a long established
 pedigree in this area, and we are confident that the GLA will be able to work
 with the company to quickly establish an effective public DGPS service for
 mariners." The Rear-Admiral continued:  "As marine traffic increases, this
 will provide significant benefits in terms of improved safety and accuracy for
 all concerned."
     "We are very pleased to be chosen by the GLA to provide the DGPS system
 which will enhance the safety of life," said Charles Trimble, President of
 Trimble. "Around the world, these systems are already proving their worth in
 many countries. Most importantly, the implementation of the GLA system
 continues to underscore the value of GPS as an information technology
 providing a foundation for developing and maintaining transportation
 infrastructures worldwide."
     Trimble DGPS solutions are already installed in many existing European
 systems, including Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Russia. The
 GLA installation will comprise a combination of the 4000MSK DGPS(TM) Reference
 Station, the 4000IM MSK(TM) Integrity Monitor and Trimble Beacon Control
 Software. Each of the three organizations comprising the GLAs will run their
 portion of the service, with a control and monitoring station ensuring the
 accuracy of signals at all times, with an in-built alarm function alerting
 users to any faulty broadcasts.
     About GLA
     The General Lighthouse Authorities combines the Corporation of Trinity
 House for England, Wales and the Channel Islands, The Northern Lighthouse
 Board for Scotland and the Isle of Man, and the Commissioners of Irish Lights
 for the whole of Ireland.
     About Trimble
     Trimble is a world leader in the emerging commercial markets for GPS
 satellite-based navigation, positioning and communication data products. The
 company holds more US patents on GPS and related technology than any other
 organization. Trimble products are sold world-wide for diverse applications
 including land and hydrographic surveying; mapping/GIS data acquisition;
 agriculture; military; general, corporate and commercial aviation; marine
 navigation; vehicle tracking and communications; and mobile GPS. The company
 also manufactures and sells GPS engines for the OEM market. Founded in 1978
 and located in Sunnyvale, CA, Trimble has been a leader in providing GPS
 solutions since 1984.
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