Uninsured Drivers Risking it on the Roads

Mar 04, 2013, 12:35 ET from MoneySupermarket.com

CHESTER, England, March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

  • One in seven UK motorists admit to driving a car they weren't insured for
  • Over a quarter of drivers drove without insurance in between policies
  • Younger drivers are biggest risk takers
  • Uninsured drivers add £30 on average to the cost of EVERY policy

One in seven (15 per cent) of UK motorists have admitted to breaking the law and having driven at least once without insurance, with young drivers most likely to get behind the wheel uninsured according to research by MoneySupermarket.com.1

Britain's number one comparison site also found that six per cent of motorists admit to knowingly getting behind the wheel of their own car with no cover, while a further six per cent confess to borrowing someone else's car without insurance.

Shockingly, 14 per cent of those who owned up to having driven without insurance admitted they did so because they were unaware for the need for insurance behind the wheel. Over a quarter (26 per cent) blamed being in-between insurance policies as the reason for hitting the road uninsured, and seven per cent simply couldn't be bothered to arrange insurance cover. Twelve per cent couldn't afford the insurance - compared to six per cent this time last year.2

A cause for concern is the seven per cent who believe there is no point having insurance as they don't think they will have a crash. Additionally, 12 per cent said they just hadn't got round to renewing their policy yet, and were going to do so at a later date.

Peter Harrison, car insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, said: "It's astonishing how many drivers are still prepared to hit the road without insurance. Not only is it illegal but you could face thousands of pounds in liability, a conviction, six points on your licence and a hefty fine should you be caught out or be involved in a crash. To make matters worse, uninsured drivers cost the insurance industry £500 million each year, which as a result adds an average of £30 to every motorist's premium.3

"The rising cost of motoring makes shopping around for the best deal crucial to ensure you aren't paying over the odds for your car insurance. The average saving using MoneySupermarket is £300, so motorists need to do their research and not automatically accept a renewal quote without checking there isn't a better alternative."4

According to MoneySupermarket research, younger motorists are the biggest risk takers with a third of 18-34 year olds (30 per cent) admitting to driving a vehicle they weren't insured for, compared to just five per cent of over 55s. Men were also revealed to be twice as likely to drive with no insurance than women. A fifth (19 per cent) admitted to driving with no cover compared to 10 per cent of female drivers.

Peter Harrison continued: "The cost of insurance premiums for younger drivers will no doubt have influenced the decision from some young drivers to forgo insurance altogether. However, the penalties for not having insurance are great, and could even result in your vehicle being confiscated. Although car insurance premiums for younger drivers are high, having suitable insurance and proving you are a safe driver will help bring premiums down over time. Not having insurance, and being caught without it, could result in you not being insurable in the future."

Notes to editors:

1 Opinium Research carried out an online survey of 2,003 UK adults aged 18+ from 8th to 11th February 2013. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.


2 Opinium Research carried out an online poll of 2019 British adults, of which, 1,483 drive, from 11-15 February 2011. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.

3 http://www.mib.org.uk/Media+Centre/en/Key+Facts/Default.htm

4 Average saving of £300 with MoneySupermarket.com when shopping for car insurance. Based on online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during November 2012.

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