Unique Stocking Stuffers -- A Cableorganizer.com Gear Guide

Dec 05, 2006, 00:00 ET from Cableorganizer.com

    DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., Dec. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Out of ideas? Out of
 time? Or almost out of money? Here are four quick hits from
 Cableorganizer.com to help finish off your list without breaking the bank.
     Dymo Label Buddy
     This embosser is so simple to use, you'll actually have fun with it.
 Just use the "turn and click" mechanism and try your hand at creating
 attractive embossed labels for almost anything that calls out for
 organization: your child's notebooks or toy closet, your garage workshop,
 CD cases-even files, binders and folders for important documents. Great for
 kids' projects, too. Best of all, it's manual, so you won't need to keep
 feeding it batteries. ($7.99;
     Cababo Frog Design Cable Winder
     Talk about cute. And talk about useful. The Cababo Frog is a cable
 keeper that shortens a long cable and stores the excess cable neatly inside
 the frog. Now you can shorten that annoying long USB, cell phone or
 firewire cable that is way too long. Simply wind the cable around the cable
 winder and the extra cable length tucks neatly away inside the enclosure.
 No more unsightly twist ties from the produce department! Unclutter your
 desk with this cool design! ($5.99;
     Power Sentry PowerSquid
     A new iPod or new Xbox 360 may make for a new headache: where to plug
 it in. Even if you have a surge protector (and you should) the extra
 outlets they afford aren't always usable if the plug itself is an oversized
 brick. The PowerSquid allows you to use all the extra outlets it creates
 (five), with flexible arms that can handle any adapter you throw at it. Its
 innovative design houses a surge protector capable of handling the physical
 abuse of any workshop. ($13.99; http://cableorganizer.com/power-squid/)
     Velcro One-Wrap
     'Tis the season for giving, but 'tis also the season for wires. All
 those electronics you put on your list (iPod, new laptop, Nintendo Wii)
 come with electrical wires that snake around your dresser or desk. Well
 they can use some cleaning up, with the Velcro One-Wrap wire wrap. They are
 easy to use (and re-use) and keep wires neat and secure. The wraps come in
 blue, red, black and white, sure to match the festivities! ($2.49;
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