Unisys Expands Options for Communications Service Providers to Provide New Services to Mobile Subscribers Anywhere, Any Time

New software product and solutions are designed to enable mobile service providers to grow revenue and extend brand loyalty by serving and marketing to targeted users

Jun 25, 2013, 08:00 ET from Unisys Corporation

BLUE BELL, Pa., June 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced a set of software products and solutions designed to enable communications service providers (CSPs) to speed up delivery of services tailored to individual mobile subscribers' location and personal preferences. 

Unisys is a longtime provider of high-volume mission critical Value Added Services (VAS) to the world's leading telecommunications services providers.

The new offerings enable capabilities including management of interactive marketing campaigns to mobile users, insertion of advertising in outbound notification messages, new ways to connect pre-paid users without a balance in their accounts, and new 0800 routing services.

The new service enablement products include Unisys Application Services Broker and Digital Dialog Manager. Those enable CSPs to create a broad range of targeted mobile services – including advertising and promotion – that can be delivered to clients via multiple channels, including short message service (SMS) and social media. In addition, Unisys is launching a suite of value-added services ready-made for CSPs to deliver to their clients.

"Our CSP clients know that building relationships with subscribers by delivering personalized services is the key to long-term loyalty and revenue generation," said Steven Chuey, vice president, Global Communications Solution Management, Unisys. "Drawing on Unisys' expertise in enterprise cloud computing and mobility, our new solutions provide clients a way to build a delivery infrastructure and provide individualized services that drive revenue by anticipating and meeting their subscribers' continually evolving needs and preferences."

New Software Products Simplify and Speed Up Service Creation Unisys Application Services Broker (ASB) provides an open-source software environment for development of new services and acts as a hub for integrating multiple communications services. It is based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that enables reuse of service-enabling software components in multiple ways.

Unisys ASB provides connectors to traditional messaging application services, as well to new services such as Digital Dialog Manager, advanced call control, social media, mass notification and location-based services, to name a few. For example, it enables messaging services on Unisys VoiceSource Express (VSE) platform to connect to subscribers' mobile devices via SMS and instant messaging (IM) channels and enables conversion of Facebook posts to voicemail greetings and voice messages to Twitter posts.

This building-block approach makes it simpler to develop and field solutions and easier to tailor them to specific customer requirements.

Unisys Digital Dialog Manager (DDM) enables automated two-way communication between CSPs and targeted subscribers. It enables subscriber profiling and targeting for marketing, promotional and advertising campaigns based on subscribers' profiles, expressed preferences, current location and other key factors. DDM can deliver the campaign-related messages and content to specific subscribers through their preferred communications channels, including SMS, multimedia messaging service (MMS), email and social media.  

Unisys DDM can help CSPs increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and establish brand loyalty by providing relevant information and services to the right audience at the right time.

For example, a restaurant chain that is a customer of a CSP could run a promotion for its outlet in an airport. The CSP sends each subscriber arriving at the airport an e-mail, Twitter or Facebook message about the promotion, with an embedded coupon. The individual subscriber gets a lower cost meal, the corporate subscriber takes in additional revenue and the CSP increases the loyalty of the individual mobile subscribers to both brands.

Unisys ASB enables DDM to execute campaigns. In the example above, the CSP used DDM to define the content for the target subscribers and ASB discovered each individual subscriber's location and delivered the content through the subscriber's preferred channel.

New VAS Solutions Benefit Users through SOA and Use of Existing Assets The Unisys ASB enables integration of existing telephony assets with new Internet Protocol (IP) and web-based service components. Through this capability, mobile providers can bring to market feature-rich VAS solutions that compete effectively with "over-the-top" broadband video and audio services. 

The new Unisys VAS solutions based on ASB and DDM are:

  • Unisys Mobile Ad Insertion, which enables targeted advertising supplied by DDM to be embedded in any outgoing notification message;
  • Unisys Intelligent 0800 Call Routing Service, which helps telecommunications providers migrate to IP Media Subsystem (IMS)  and provide new access features from mobile devices via the Unisys ePortal for MCP specialty partition, which maps 0800 web application interfaces to iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices. The ePortal enables users to provide web services as modern front-ends to applications so mobile users can access the applications through familiar interfaces.
  • Unisys Automatic Reverse Call and Sponsored Call solutions use ASB to connect messaging systems and billing systems to give pre-paid customers different options for connecting their calls when funds are not available in their accounts.  For example, a called party on a pre-approved "white list" or sponsor advertising set up via a Unisys DDM campaign can pay for calls.

For an additional measure of security, the Unisys VAS solutions can combine with Unisys Stealth Solution for cybersecurity, which is designed to protect information and other IT assets from compromise.

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