UPDATE: CIDI Urges Public to Donate Cash to Help Victims of Pakistan Earthquake

Money Is the Best Form of Donation to Provide Effective

and Immediate Assistance

Oct 13, 2005, 01:00 ET from Center for International Disaster Information

    ARLINGTON, Va., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The Center for International
 Disaster Information (CIDI) is urging all those who wish to help to donate
 cash, as an alternative to gifts-in-kind and other commodities, to provide
 immediate and effective assistance to victims of the October 8 earthquake that
 was felt across northern Pakistan, as well as parts of India and Afghanistan.
 The earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter Scale has claimed an estimated
 30,000 lives to date, and left millions of people without electricity, food,
 clean water and shelter.
     "This is a terrible tragedy, sadly reminiscent of the tsunami that hit
 Southeast Asia last December," said Suzanne Brooks, director of the Center for
 International Disaster Information (CIDI) in Arlington, VA.  "In the days and
 months to come, it will be critical for relief workers to have the resources
 they need to respond quickly and effectively to victims' needs.  While gifts-
 in-kind are appreciated, the fastest and best way to provide this assistance
 is through cash donations."
     Individuals and organizations interested in making contributions to help
 the victims of the South Asian earthquake can get more information by
 accessing CIDI's Web site at http://www.cidi.org.  In addition, interested
 donors can visit http://www.interaction.org to obtain a list of credible
 responding agencies for international emergencies, and http://www.bbb.com and
 http://www.give.org to get valuable information on making informed decisions
 when supporting charities.
     Since its inception in 1988, CIDI has worked with individuals, groups,
 embassies and corporations to provide information and guidance in support of
 appropriate international disaster relief.  CIDI works with a variety of
 partners to channel the public's energy and desire to help achieve maximum
 impact.  By reaching out to the American public and the private sector, CIDI
 helps to promote activities and donations that will do the most good for
 disaster victims around the world.  For more information about CIDI and
 helping international victims, log on to CIDI's Web site at
 http://www.cidi.org, or call the Media Hotline at 703-276-2942.

SOURCE Center for International Disaster Information