USDTV'S 'Over-The-Air' Subscription TV Service to Carry Cable's Most Popular Channels

FOX News and STARZ! Expand USDTV's 'Best-of-TV' Line-up

Mar 16, 2004, 00:00 ET from U.S. Digital Television, Inc. from ,Starz Encore Group LLC

    NEW YORK, March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. Digital Television, Inc. (USDTV),
 a leading digital terrestrial "over-the-air" television service provider,
 today announced its "Best-of-TV" line-up of the Nation's most popular cable
 channels including a new agreement naming FOX News as USDTV's 24-hour news
 channel.  The company also signed an agreement naming STARZ!, Starz Encore
 Group LLC's (Starz') flagship premium movie service, as USDTV's premium movie
     The following channels are included in USDTV's initial channel offering:
 Disney Channel and Toon Disney, ESPN, ESPN 2, Discovery Channel and TLC, Food
 Network and Home & Garden Television, Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network, and
 FOX News.  STARZ! will be available to subscribers as a premium channel for an
 additional fee.
     "Adding the number one rated FOX News Channel rounds out our offering of
 the best in cable programming," said Steve Lindsley, Chairman and Chief
 Executive Officer of USDTV.  "Our collection of news and entertainment
 channels, including the premier premium movie channel in STARZ!, provides a
 compelling offering in a crowded marketplace.  With our 'Best-of-TV' strategy,
 consumers receive great programming without paying extra for channels they
 rarely watch."
     STARZ! offers a steady supply of blockbuster titles including, The Lord of
 the Rings: The Two Towers, Sweet Home Alabama, 8 Mile, The Lizzie McGuire
 Movie, Gangs of New York, Chicago, Anger Management and Bringing Down the
 House, as well as upcoming hits such as, Daddy Day Care, Finding Nemo, Hulk,
 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and Lost in
 Translation.  Hollywood studios supplying films to Starz On Demand include
 Disney, Universal, Sony, MGM, Paramount, New Line, Revolution Studios and
     USDTV offers a low-cost alternative to cable and satellite through its
 subscription television service.  In partnership with local broadcast
 entities, USDTV service provides customers with local, national and popular
 cable channels "over-the-air" in digital quality-picture and theater-quality
 sound in digital and high-definition formats.  USDTV is available in Salt Lake
 City and launches in Albuquerque, N.M., and Las Vegas in the next 30 days.
     The set-top box enabling customers to enjoy USDTV service can be purchased
 for $99 with a $19.95 per month subscription fee where USDTV service is
 available.  Prior to service availability in a given area, the set-top boxes,
 sold under the USDIGITAL(TM) brand, can be used as an HD Tuner to receive
 high-definition television programming.  A single call to the company will
 activate service.  The USDIGITAL(TM) HDTV receiver will be sold in Wal-Mart
 stores nationwide.
     About USDTV: U.S. Digital Television, Inc. is introducing the first "over-
 the-air" terrestrial digital subscription TV service in the United States
 using the new digital broadcast channels of local television stations.  USDTV
 provides subscribers with cable channels and local broadcast channels in
 digital-quality picture and theater-quality sound, including HDTV, at
 unmatched prices.  The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.  For
 more information on USDTV, go to the company web site, .
     About Starz: Starz is the largest provider of premium movie services in
 the United States with approximately 151 million pay units.  Starz offerings
 include the Starz Super Pak(R), with up to 13 digital movie channels and more
 than 750 movies per month and Starz on Demand(R), the only on-demand pay TV
 subscription service available on cable, satellite, and broadband platforms.
 Starz is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation
 (NYSE:   L, LMCb),
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SOURCE U.S. Digital Television, Inc.; Starz Encore Group LLC