UserLand Releases Manila and Frontier 6.1, Turning Any Web Browser Into A Powerful Web Content Workstation

Dec 01, 1999, 00:00 ET from UserLand Software

    BURLINGAME, Calif., Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- UserLand Software announced the
 release of Manila, an Internet server application that allows groups of
 writers, designers and graphics people to manage full-featured, high
 performance Web sites thru an easy-to-use browser interface. Manila is
 included with UserLand Frontier 6.1.
     "As the Macintosh made desktop computing easy, Manila makes Web content
 management accessible to non-technical people," said David M. Winer,
 UserLand's CEO. "Manila turns any Web browser into a powerful Web content
 workstation. Think of Manila as Content Management 'For the Rest of Us.'"
     Key Manila features include:
     -- 100-percent browser-based editing.
     -- Quick easy setup, in most cases, five minutes from download to a
        working Web site.
     -- Simple publishing model, managing editor, contributing editors,
     -- Integrated site membership database, with customizable preferences.
     -- Easy navigation thru back-issues of the home page thru an intuitive
     -- Powerful customization thru templates, navigation, CSS, JavaScript.
        Full control over HTML.
     -- User interface and navigation features are specified thru easy to
        understand XML.
     -- Content is separated from form, designers edit templates, while writers
        independently create stories.
     -- Full content management system. Templates, macros, shortcuts, stories,
     -- Integrates thru Microsoft COM, ODBC, Apple Events, HTTP, XML-RPC.
     -- ISP-ready. Manila sites are safe, and can be extended thru macros and
        templates, allowing service providers to differentiate their offerings.
     "Manila is as simple or as deep as you want it to be," said Kevin Werbach,
 Managing Editor of Release 1.0, a leading technology analyst. "Few other Web
 products scale well in both directions -- you either wind up with easy-to-use
 homepage-building tools that can't handle dynamic sites, or you have
 complicated, expensive content-management platforms that aren't helpful for
 beginners or small sites."
     "Manila is interesting for several reasons. Most important, it's designed
 for people who want to create Web content entirely on the Web," said
 Dan Gillmor, columnist, San Jose Mercury News.
     Both Gillmor and Werbach operate Manila websites.
     "Manila is simple, easy, powerful, and infinitely customizable. It has
 deep features not available anywhere else," said Phil Suh, a content engineer
 a Organic Inc, a leading Web development shop in San Francisco.
     Erin Clerico, a system developer at the Kern County (CA) Superintendent of
 Schools said:  "Our Web team has fallen in love with Manila. The only sites
 they will build now are Manila sites. Next year, they will begin to transform
 our 26,000 page Web site into Manila driven pages."
     "Manila replaces HTML editors, word processors, FTP clients and groupware
 such as Lotus Notes, with the simplest writing environment of our day, the Web
 browser," said Winer.
     Manila is included with Frontier 6.1 for Windows and Macintosh, and is
 available today from Frontier is licensed for
 $899, with free updates for one year.
     UserLand Software, incorporated in 1988, develops and markets Web content
 management software and publishes Scripting News, DaveNet, and a dozen
 industry, developer and financial Web publications. UserLand is also active in
 standards processes relating to distributed computing, in partnership with
 Microsoft; Web content syndication with Netscape; and XML. UserLand CEO Winer
 will keynote the Seybold Publishing Conference in Boston, February 7 and will
 attend the World Economic Forum in Davos. UserLand is a privately held company
 based in Burlingame, CA.
     NOTE:  UserLand Frontier and Manila are trademarks of UserLand Software.

SOURCE UserLand Software