Usher and Avril: Teen Vogue Celebrates Two on Top of Their Music - Their Style

Oct 12, 2004, 01:00 ET from Teen Vogue

    NEW YORK, Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Usher and Avril Lavigne might seem an
 unlikely couple, but to celebrate the best in music in 2004 Teen Vogue thought
 the R&B Romeo and Punk Princess were the perfect duo.  "We paired Usher and
 Avril because they are at the top of their game this year, and because they
 both have a fierce sense of style that's uniquely their own.  His preppy look
 and her punky style look great together," said Nicole Vecchiarelli, Teen Vogue
 senior entertainment editor.  Usher and Avril Lavigne took time off from their
 touring schedules and sat down with Teen Vogue senior writer Lauren Waterman
 to discuss their music and their even bigger ambitions.
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     Usher tells Teen Vogue he knew he wanted to be a singer when he sat in the
 nosebleed seats at a New Edition show.  "And seeing those guys working the
 audience really sold it for me," he says.  "That's when I knew this was what I
 wanted to do."  Usher, now a bonafide superstar after a decade in the
 business, sees no end in sight to what he can accomplish.  "I look to soar
 heights.  As an actor, director, an entrepreneur.  I'd love to do theater or
 be in a movie that wins at Sundance ... Watch me -- in ten years, I'll be one
 of the most successful artists ever," Usher says.  On the success of his
 recent album, Confessions, Usher admits," If people feel like there's a
 connection in your music to who you truly are, the more they respond.  ...
 Even, if it's not real."
     Avril Lavigne, now 20, began her career in Ontario, Canada at age seven as
 a soloist in her church choir.  She tells Teen Vogue that fame can be a weird
 thing. "People can be very harsh and judgmental, and you have to be a strong
 person to deal with that.  I'm at a point where I just don't care what other
 people think.  Then again, I never have."   Avril's style is punkish and cool
 -- something that distinguishes her from the rest of the pack. "I like to be
 creative with my clothes," she says, "but I rarely wear designer ... except
 for my Vuitton purse.  Every girl knows that you want a Louis if you can have
     When asked about the state of the music scene today, Avril sounds off:
 "There are people out there who can't even sing, popular artists who have
 other people singing on their records.  It's lame, and it's not supposed to be
 that way.  I always think it would be so much easier if I didn't have to write
 my own music ... go through a bunch of songs my music company thinks are hits
 -- it would take me a week!  But, it's important for me to be a part of it --
 I have things that I want to talk about."
     The November issue of Teen Vogue is on sale in New York and Los Angeles on
 October 6th and nationwide on October 12th.

SOURCE Teen Vogue