VendingData(TM) Secures Exclusive Global Rights for Counterfeit Nanotechnology Security Protection in the Gaming Industry

Nov 14, 2006, 00:00 ET from VendingData(TM) Corporation

    LAS VEGAS, Nov. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- VendingData(TM)
 Corporation (Amex:   VNX), announced today that it has signed an agreement
 with Australia-based Datatrace DNA PTY LTD ("Datatrace") that grants
 VendingData exclusive global rights outside of China for the gaming
 industry application of DatatraceDNA. VendingData will incorporate the
 DatatraceDNA counterfeit protection into its gaming chip manufacturing
 process. The agreement also allows VendingData to distribute the special
 digital readers and the DatatraceDNA products to the gaming industry
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     DatatraceDNA, referred to as a "molecular barcode", is a groundbreaking
 approach to counterfeit security protection through nanotechnology that is
 invisibly embedded within the molecular structure of a manufactured
 product. The complexity of the barcode makes it extremely difficult to
 decipher, preventing counterfeiters from reproducing the authenticity code.
 DatatraceDNA technology is a Level 3 security system that is added during
 the manufacturing process. This creates an invisible, forensic marker only
 known to the brand owner that can be authenticated by logistics firms,
 customs border control, distributors, retailers, customers and audit teams.
 When the material is scanned by a portable digital Reader, the unique
 emission spectrum is detected and referenced to the onboard database which
 in turn displays a meaningful code such as "Casino X USD500."
     DatatraceDNA has a commercialized science developed by the CSIRO,
 Australia's government owned research and development organization. The
 CSIRO has been operating for eighty years and is one of the most highly
 regarded research institutions around the world. CSIRO is a 50% partner in
 DatatraceDNA Pty Ltd. An important difference between DatatraceDNA and
 other competing technologies is that the patented inventions are owned by a
 national government statutory authority. This is a very important
 consideration for companies selecting a strategic technology for IP
 protection, as private companies can have complex and possibly vague IP
 ownership. Datatrace will supply the material in the form of Masterbatch
 for incorporation into the VendingData casino chip manufacturing process.
 Each Masterbatch will contain up to 20 multi-level codes, which will enable
 authentication of different denominations of casino chips.
     "The implementation of DatatraceDNA into gaming chips will allow casino
 operators a unique opportunity to manage forgery activities and enable
 authentication of the chip for its entire life span. The inclusion of this
 technology was critical in the decision made by Galaxy Casinos in Macau in
 their selection of VendingData's Dolphin casino chip. This technology can
 be applied to any kind of chip or plaque, with or without RFID. In the case
 of the RFID casino chip, we are adding an additional layer of security.
 Should the RFID malfunction, whether due to electronic failure or
 tampering, the casino is still able to validate the chips authenticity,"
 commented Mark Newburg, CEO of VendingData Corporation. "Certainly chip
 application for DatatraceDNA technology is just one opportunity in the
 gaming industry and offers us additional product pricing options.
 VendingData and Datatrace have agreed to work together to pursue a
 Strategic Partnership relationship further exploring other technologies
 that can add value to the industry."
     Ian Allen, CEO and co-founder of DatatraceDNA parent company, DataDot
 Technology, along with his co-founder and President of DataDot USA, Brent
 Mclaws, have many years of experience in Intellectual Property and asset
 protection industries. Mr Allen said, "Every year companies lose millions
 of dollars from their designs & products being illegally replicated and
 sold fraudulently,. in addition, costs associated with warranties for
 counterfeit products or parts further add to a company's losses. Our
 business is all about protecting our customers valuable Intellectual
 Property and assets. Partnering with VendingData will enable DatatraceDNA
 to supply the strongest possible levels of protection to what is
 effectively a form of currency. In my experience companies must start
 thinking about protecting their products the same way central banks think
 about protecting their bank notes. This means multiple forms of protection
 that are each complimentary and together provide the best possible
     About VendingData Corporation
     VendingData Corporation is a Las Vegas-based developer, manufacturer
 and distributor of innovative products for the gaming industry. The
 company's products include the Deck Checker(TM), PokerOne(R) and
 RandomPlus(R) shuffler lines. VendingData's newest innovative products
 include the ChipWasherTM and high-frequency Dolphin RFID casino chips. The
 company's customers include mega-gaming corporations such as Caesars
 Entertainment, MGM Mirage, Station Casinos, and Boyd Gaming, major casinos
 such as The Venetian, Foxwoods Resort Casino, and the world's largest poker
 room, the Commerce Casino. International customers include casinos in
 Argentina, Columbia, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Peru, United Kingdom, and
 Uruguay. Visit the VendingData Web site at
     About DatatraceDNA Pty Ltd
     DatatraceDNA is a 50/50 joint venture of CSIRO and DataDot Technology
 Ltd ("DDT"). DDT is a global leader in the development of asset-based
 identification, having developed four leading-edge identification
 technologies that allow assets, and their component parts, to be uniquely
 marked and identified. It's akin to creating a unique asset-based DNA for
 products. DDT's asset identification technologies have wide product
 application, and the potential to penetrate global markets in the
 automotive, marine, clothing and industrial materials sectors. DDT
 technologies have gained acceptance in a number of countries around the
 world. DDT is currently represented in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada,
 China, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta,
 Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Romania,
 Russia, Scandinavia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand,
 Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The CSIRO is
 one of the top ranked research institutions in the world and is a leader in
 the rapidly growing field of nanotechnology. Backed by the Australian
 federal government, CSIRO research helps to create innovative and
 competitive industries, ensure the growth of a technologically advanced
 society and maintain healthy environments and lifestyles. For more
 information visit
     This release contains forward-looking statements. Such statements
 reflect and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual
 results to differ materially from expectations. Factors that could cause
 actual results to differ materially from expectations include, but are not
 limited to, the following the success of our manufacturing and assembly in
 China, changes in the level of consumer or commercial acceptance of the
 Company's existing products and new products as introduced; competitive
 advances; acceleration and/or deceleration of various product development
 and roll out schedules; higher than expected manufacturing, service,
 selling, administrative, product development and/or roll out costs; current
 and future litigation; regulatory and jurisdictional issues involving
 VendingData(TM) Corporation or its products specifically, and for the
 gaming industry in general; general and casino industry economic
 conditions; the financial health of the Company's casino and distributor
 customers both nationally and internationally; and the risks and factors
 described from time to time in the Company's reports filed with the
 Securities and Exchange Commission, including, but not limited to the
 company's Form 10-QSB for the quarter ended March 31, June 30, and
 September 30, 2006, and, the Company's Annual Report on form 10-KSB for the
 year ended December 31, 2005.
     Company Contact:
     Michelle Glenn
     Vice President of Marketing
     VendingData(TM) Corporation
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     Yvonne L. Zappulla
     Managing Director
     Wall Street Investor Relations Corp.

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