Verizon Business Selected as a Prime Contractor for Networx Universal

Partners With Verizon Wireless to Provide Advanced Communications Services

to Federal Agencies Under Multibillion-Dollar Program

Mar 29, 2007, 01:00 ET from Verizon Business

    BASKING RIDGE, N.J., March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Verizon Business will
 help the federal government usher in a new era of advanced communications
 services -- providing cutting-edge voice, data, wireless and Internet
 services to government agencies around the world -- under a
 multibillion-dollar contract awarded today by the U.S. General Services
     Verizon Business was one of three prime contractors awarded the long-
 anticipated GSA Networx Universal contract, which authorizes it to compete
 for business from individual agencies.
     Networx Universal is the first of two Networx contracts awarded by the
 GSA to modernize federal government communications. It is designed to
 enable the government to choose among a comprehensive range of integrated
 telecommunications and network services, ranging from converged voice,
 video and data services over a single network to a variety of
 next-generation offerings, including advanced IP services, managed services
 and advanced security services.
     Through Networx, Verizon Business will leverage its global network and
 will act as a services and solutions integrator in meeting the many product
 and service requirements of the government. Verizon Wireless will provide
 wireless voice and broadband services.
     The second contract, Enterprise, is expected to be awarded later this
 spring. It has fewer mandatory requirements than the Universal contract and
 is intended to allow additional companies to participate in the Networx
     The Networx program is among the largest federal communication
 contracts in history and has an overall value of as much as $20 billion
 over 10 years spread among all awardees. Networx will replace FTS2001 and
 several other telecommunications agreements.
     "With a proven track record of providing communications to the federal
 government for nearly 20 years, Verizon Business is well-positioned to
 continue helping customers meet their special requirements," said John
 Killian, president of Verizon Business. "Verizon Business has earned its
 position as one of the top communications providers to the federal
 government through continued investment in our networks and our tireless
 commitment to meeting our customers' needs for complex end-to-end
     Susan Zeleniak, vice president for Verizon Federal, an organization
 within Verizon Business dedicated to serving federal government customers,
 said: "The GSA has been forward-thinking on the Networx contracts and is
 offering federal agencies end-to-end solutions that require a service
 provider with experience at delivering complex services. We appreciate this
 show of confidence and stand ready to work with the GSA to help take
 federal government communications to the next level."
     Verizon Business, one of the two telecommunications service providers
 initially awarded the FTS2001 contracts by the GSA in January 1999, serves
 virtually every federal agency under that contract. As agencies transition
 to Networx, Verizon Business will continue to offer the telecommunications
 services it currently provides under the FTS2001 Bridge Contract.
     Under Networx, just as with FTS2001, federal agencies worldwide will be
 able to capitalize on Verizon Business advanced voice and data network
 services as well as a variety of next-generation offerings, including
 managed services, advanced security services, enterprise wireless, storage,
 application, management and collaboration services, teleworking, Web
 hosting and advanced call center services.
     Verizon Business is already ahead of the game in meeting the
 government's demands for next-generation networking services. The company
 last year opened a new Government Network Operations and Security Center
 (GNOSC), a state-of- the-art facility in Northern Virginia dedicated to
 supporting the unique security and operational requirements of federal
 government customers. The GNOSC, built to government security standards,
 supports the managed network services Verizon Business provides to a wide
 variety of federal government agencies.
     The GNOSC, along with Verizon Business's vBNS+ (Very High Speed
 Backbone Network Service), will also play an important role in helping the
 federal government adopt the next generation of Internet protocol -- known
 as version six, or IPv6 -- and meet the Office of Management and Budget's
 mandated transition target of June 2008. Verizon Business is a pioneer in
 developing and delivering IPv6 capabilities to market, helping to expand
 the availability of IP address space and to accommodate the growing number
 of IP-enabled network devices in the marketplace.
     As one of the largest communications service providers to the
 government, Verizon Business has delivered government customers many
 advanced services ranging from call center applications to dedicated
 security operations. The company will leverage its experience, product
 capabilities, IP leadership and vendor relationships as it transitions to
 the Networx contract. Verizon Business today provides a comprehensive range
 of communications services to civilian and defense agencies.
     Verizon Business is one of the largest providers of advanced data,
 Internet and voice communications services in the United States and around
 the world. Verizon Business offers local-to-global-to-local network
 capabilities coupled with a broad range of telecommunications products and
 services, including managed network services and systems integration, to
 all levels of government. With this broad portfolio of services, Verizon
 Business can provide federal agencies with one-stop shopping for their
 communications or connectivity needs. The company has built the
 next-generation services that are helping to transform the way government
 customers -- and their constituents -- do business.
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     Verizon Business, a unit of Verizon Communications (NYSE:   VZ), is a
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 solutions to large business and government customers worldwide. Combining
 unsurpassed global network reach with advanced technology and professional
 service capabilities, Verizon Business delivers innovative and seamless
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