VIACTIV(R) Partners With Rising Fashion Label Verrier to Launch 'Style and Strength for Life' Health Initiative at Fall Fashion Week 2008

Innovator in Women's Daily Dietary Supplements to Introduce Fashion Week

Survival Kit at Verrier Runway Show

Aug 13, 2008, 01:00 ET from McNeil Nutritionals, LLC

    NEW YORK, Aug. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The VIACTIV(R) Brand announced its
 first-ever fashion partnership with breakout designer Ashleigh Verrier to
 promote "Style and Strength for Life" -- a women's health initiative to
 promote healthy beauty during one of the most exciting and fast-paced
 fashion events of the year. A chic and delicious way to get essential
 nutrients on- the-go, VIACTIV(R) Calcium and Multi-Vitamin Supplements are
 the perfect partners for the fashion community in helping maintain a
 healthy balance.
     The VIACTIV(R) Brand is launching "Style and Strength for Life" during
 Fashion Week as the ideal backdrop to highlight the importance of doing
 something every day to maintain personal strength and vitality. As
 relationships are as integral to a woman's individual well-being as a
 healthy daily routine, Ashleigh Verrier and her mother and business partner
 Jude are the perfect partner spreading the message. While maintaining a
 healthy balance in the midst of one of the most exciting and demanding
 industries in the world is a challenge, through the vitality of their
 relationship and a healthy nutritional and lifestyle regime, Ashleigh and
 Jude maintain their own commitment to "Style and Strength for Life."
     For Ashleigh and Jude Verrier, the partnership has reinforced the
 necessity of community in maintaining individual well-being. "With the
 excitement and challenge of designing and managing our own label during
 Fashion Week, we often neglect to take good care of ourselves, particularly
 when we are short on time," said Ashleigh Verrier. "VIACTIV(R) Calcium and
 Multi-Vitamin Supplements are perfect when we are on the run and have
 become a vital part of our daily active lifestyles. As we lead up to one of
 our busiest weeks of the year, we want every woman in our community to
 share our experience and tips for well-being."
     The VIACTIV(R) Brand has teamed with Verrier to create a Fashion Week
 Survival Kit to keep the fashion community feeling strong and beautiful
 throughout the bustling week and beyond. Enclosed in a luxurious
 "VIACTIV(R) Brand purple" bag designed by Verrier, the VIACTIV(R) Fashion
 Week Survival Kit will contain essential products for the fashion elite at
 New York Fashion Week along with Ashleigh Verrier's personal tips on how
 she stays healthy and stylish during such a hectic time. Ashleigh Verrier
 has also developed an online Survival Guide at for women
 across the country to access her own unique style and healthy-living
 advice. Combining Verrier's decadent signature design with delicious
 on-the-go VIACTIV(R) Soft Chews and FLAVOR GLIDES(TM) Supplements and a
 healthy active lifestyle perfectly punctuates the message of "Style and
 Strength for Life."
     With the "Style and Strength for Life" initiative, the VIACTIV(R) Brand
 is continuing a tradition of commitment to women's health that also
 includes an upcoming program targeted to increasing awareness around breast
 cancer through the Susan G. Komen for a Cure organization.
     Fashion Week will take place from September 5-September 12, 2008.
     About VIACTIV(R)
     Consumers might recognize the VIACTIV(R) Brand as the innovators who
 offer alternative delivery methods for incorporating calcium and
 multivitamins into a daily diet. VIACTIV(R) Calcium and Multi-Vitamin Soft
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 healthy diet and help them obtain the recommended amount of essential
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     About McNeil Nutritionals
     McNeil Nutritionals, LLC is a global marketer of innovative nutritional
 products. The company's mission is to give people the ability to actively
 manage their own health. McNeil Nutritionals, LLC markets SPLENDA(R)
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 headquartered in Fort Washington, PA.
     About Verrier
     After graduating from Parsons School of Design in 2004, having been
 named Parsons' "Designer of the Year," Ashleigh Verrier's entire senior
 thesis collection was purchased by Saks Fifth Avenue, and was placed
 alongside labels Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, and Marni in an
 unprecedented show of industry support. Verrier's elegant and uncomplicated
 clothing has continued to impress fashion and style insiders-a fact that
 has launched her top-quality line into the hottest showrooms in the global
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