ViLLAGEEDOCS Announces Availability of Hosted Fax Gateway Service For HP OpenMail on Linux

Solution Provides Inbound and Outbound Fax Services to Remote Users Of

OpenMail Anywhere as Well as Microsoft Outlook Users on the Corporate LAN

Jan 29, 2001, 00:00 ET from ViLLAGEEDOCS

    TUSTIN, Calif., Jan. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- ViLLAGEEDOCS announced today a
 program for HP OpenMail users to outsource their email-to-fax requirements.
     HP Openmail users can now take advantage of the Internet document delivery
 services provided by ViLLAGEEDOCS.  OpenMail users can attach a document, and
 fax it to any destination in the world.  Supported attachment types include
 text, tiff and pdf as well as documents produced by Microsoft Office.  The
 solution also enables Openmail Anywhere users with Internet phones or wireless
 PDAs to forward documents to any nearby fax machine for hard copy printing.
 The service is available for a flat monthly fee and requires no special
 software installed on the OpenMail server.
     Integration of OpenMail and ViLLAGEEDOCS provides major business and
 technical benefits:
     -- Print out email from any supported OpenMail desktop or wireless client
        to any fax machine worldwide.  This includes Microsoft Outlook, POP,
        IMAP and web clients, as well as OpenMail wireless handset clients
     -- Send and receive inbound faxes through the user's mailbox
     -- Use the email client to Blast messages to any combination of fax and
        email recipients
     -- Use Openmail to fax enable ERP, CRM, and E-Commerce applications
     -- No investment required for hardware or software
     -- No expensive upgrades needed to accommodate growth or peak periods
     -- No ongoing administrative costs
     Business enterprises running OpenMail for Linux that purchase the service
 receive inbound and outbound fax gateway services without purchasing,
 installing and managing a fax gateway.  Small and medium sized companies with
 limited IT budgets, can now enjoy all of these features and capabilities that
 larger organizations experience.  The service is also available for OpenMail
 customers using HP-UX, Solaris or AIX.
     "This is a great example of how in-house and hosted services can be
 combined to benefit companies and end users," said Nigel Upton, General
 Manager for OpenMail at HP, "This creates additional customer value around the
 Openmail platform.  We're very impressed with the ViLLAGEEDOCS services."
     ViLLAGEEDOCS is offering up to 10,000 free pages with their standard
 service packages to OpenMail customers that sign up in the next 90 days.  The
 packages combine setup and fax page customization with a flat monthly fee.
 The ViLLAGEEDOCS package for a 100 user OpenMail account includes:
     + Up to 1000 free outbound pages
     + Up to 1000 free inbound pages
     + A personal toll free 800 or local exchange telephone number that
       receives faxes and forwards them to your Openmail inbox
     "ViLLAGEEDOCS' expertise is in bringing efficiencies to traditional
 business processes," said Mason Conner, ViLLAGEEDOCS' President and CEO.  "We
 are pleased to join HP in an effort to provide best of breed Internet document
 delivery solutions to Openmail users."
     Based in Tustin, CA, ViLLAGEEDOCS provides cost-effective, leading edge
 electronic delivery of business-to-business mission critical documents
 utilizing the Internet and PSTN.  The company is developing brand recognition
 through a diversified list of more than 70 customers and strategic partners
 worldwide, including StreamServe, The Weather Channel, Domino's Pizza,
 Hill & Knowlton Public Relations and U.S. Stock Transfer Corporation.
 Additional information about ViLLAGEEDOCS can be accessed at on the Internet.