Vino Goes Green From Grapes to Packaging

Quality Wine, Organic Grapes, Unique Package ... Exclusively at Whole Foods


Aug 30, 2007, 01:00 ET from Tetra Pak

    VERNON HILLS, Ill., Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The Country Vintner (TCV),
 an Australian-based wine exporter, announced the first wine produced with
 organic grapes in a Tetra Pak carton package is available nationwide
 exclusively at Whole Foods Market stores starting in September.
     The wine, sold under the name GREEN PATH, is made by Organic One Wines,
 one of Australia's oldest and largest vineyards and winery establishments.
 Organic One Wines is a 100 percent organic vineyard and winery.
     These wines aren't available in glass bottles; they are packaged in a
 Tetra Pak carton, which is a paper-based carton that is more
 environmentally friendly. The packaging strategy is part of a growing
 idealism in which people, manufacturers, businesses, organizations and the
 government are participating to protect the environment for future
     GREEN PATH wine in the one liter Tetra Pak package is ideal for
 consumers who want to enjoy a quality wine in a portable, recloseable, safe
 and easy-to-use package. Tetra Pak containers are also very environmentally
 friendly not only because they are made primarily from a renewable
 resource, but also because the packages are lighter in weight than
 traditional bottles, requiring less trucks for transportation, thus
 reducing total greenhouse gas emissions.
     GREEN PATH is available in a Chardonnay and Shiraz, sourced from
 Organic One Wine's 280-acre vineyard -- The Billabong Vineyard in
 Jerilderie, New South Wales, Australia.
     According to Liz Mencel, managing director of The Country Vintner,
 there are many opportunities for GREEN PATH with grocery stores and
 restaurants that promote natural products, wine retailers that support
 innovative packaging, forward thinking airlines and general retailers that
 support any type of environmental program.
     "We are excited about the prospects for GREEN PATH in the U.S. and
 other markets. These are the first wines produced with organic grapes that
 are packaged in this format, which means great things for the environment
 in terms of both the wine and the package. Most important, the wines are of
 a fantastic quality and stand up on their own as fruit-forward,
 full-flavored Australian wines."
     "Whole Foods Market is excited to be one of the first to bring in a new
 age of eco-friendly packaging for wine in the United States," said Geof
 Ryan, global wine co-buyer for Whole Foods Market. "The Green Path organic
 wines are tasty and fruit-driven and show great quality and value for our
     The GREEN PATH 1L wine retails for approximately $12 and will be
 available in September in all Whole Foods Market wine licensed stores.
     About the Country Vintner
     The Country Vintner (TCV) is a successful wine importer and distributor
 that built its reputation servicing markets in the Mid-Atlantic and
 Southeast regions of the United States. In 2004 an Australian office was
 opened to manage the Company's expanding Australian import portfolio
 (Australian Selection) and to take these wines into new U.S. markets,
 through long-term partnerships with independent distributors.
     About Organic One Wines
     Organic One Wines, established in 1976, is one of Australia's oldest
 and largest vineyards and winery establishments. This is a 100% organic
 vineyard and winery, specializing in premium Chardonnay and Shiraz wines.
 Organic One Wines has a demonstrable commitment to their customers and the
 environment. The wines are of a high quality, made from low yielding vines
 (typically 1-3 tons/acre), harvested when ripe, to achieve full, rich
     About Tetra Pak
     The Tetra Pak motto, 'protects what's good', reflects the philosophy
 upon which we conduct our business in order to make food safe and
 available, everywhere.
     Operating in more than 165 markets with 20,900 employees, Tetra Pak
 believes in responsible industry leadership, creating profitable growth in
 harmony with good corporate citizenship and a sustainable approach to
     We work closely with our suppliers and customers on preferred
 processing and packaging solutions to provide convenient, innovative and
 environmentally sound products to millions of people worldwide.

SOURCE Tetra Pak