Vintage Shopping: Teen Vogue's How-To Tips to Get the Vintage Look

Nov 04, 2004, 00:00 ET from Teen Vogue

    NEW YORK, Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Vintage shopping is gaining popularity
 across the country.  What people don't know is that more and more teens are
 getting into the act.  "Teens love vintage fashion.  They are realizing that
 mixing vintage with designer clothing is a great way to develop your own
 personal style," says Sarah Meikle, Teen Vogue fashion director.
     In the December/January issue of Teen Vogue NYU sophomore Emily Weiss
 explains why she likes to go beyond the vintage shops that are in New York
 City's East Village, "I like the hunt.  You can go to Resurrection [a popular
 vintage store in NYC] and find things really easily, but that takes the fun
 out of it."
     Teen Vogue follows Weiss as far as Connecticut and observes her technique:
 rummaging through piles and carefully choosing antique jewelry and dresses.
 "It's a pile-it-on season, which I love. I'm not into matching."  She
 continues, "I like vintage because it's individual.  No one recognizes it, so
 it bucks the trends - and let's you create your own."  Weiss's top tip for
 Vintage Shopping, "Go frequently, and dig."
     If you are new to the vintage hunt and want to learn how to find some
 great new looks, Teen Vogue fashion director Sarah Meikle offers some Vintage
 Shopping Tips:
      * Shop at tag sales, retail shops or stores specializing in vintage wear.
        But always have your vintage clothing tailored to your size.  Don't be
        afraid to crop the sleeves to 3/4, shorten the length, change buttons,
        or add lace.  Customize it so it seems more modern.
      * Make sure you watch out for armpit stains, smelly armpits, and zippers
        that are fragile.  Also, be aware that vintage fabric can be weak and
        tear easily.
      * You never want to look overboard retro.  So be sure to think how the
        item relates to modern fashion and make sure its not too costume-like.
        Some of my favorite vintage items are accessories.  Bags and beads and
        belts are great vintage items to add to your wardrobe.
      * Vintage is quality.  You can find really beautiful, rich, luxurious
        items for a fraction of what it might cost today.  If you are creative,
        you can really personalize an item and people will think you bought it
        new at Marc Jacobs.
      * For antique style jewelry shop at stores such as Forever 21 or
        Claire's; and, you don't have to break the bank either. Also, many
        stores are showing fashions inspired by vintage clothing - such as H&M,
        Urban Outfitters, Aerosols, Nine West and even the Gap.
     The December/January issue of Teen Vogue is on sale in NY and LA on
 November 5th and nationwide on November 9th.

SOURCE Teen Vogue