Virgin Records, Zomba Music, Daft Life and InterTrust Announce Strategic Alliance

The Music and Secure Content Industries Celebrate Alliance With the Launch

Of 'Daft Club' Music Project

Jan 22, 2001, 00:00 ET from InterTrust Technologies Corporation

    MIDEM, CANNES, France, Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- InterTrust Technologies
 Corporation (Nasdaq:   ITRU), the leading developer of peer-to-peer, distributed
 digital rights management (DRM) technology, today announced a strategic
 alliance with Virgin Records, a label of EMI Recorded Music, Zomba Music, the
 world's leading, independent music publisher, and Daft Life, producer of Daft
 Punk. Capitalizing on a combination of Virgin Records internet marketing
 skills, InterTrust's DRM expertise and Daft Punk's music and brand, the
 alliance has begun work on developing a next-generation of artist-led online
 music experiences, and a customizable business model for delivering free,
 secure, digital content. This initiative aims to offer a new, rewarding and
 entertaining experience for record-buyers.
     The first pioneering project to be produced by the alliance is the 'Daft
 Club'. Daft Club is a creative, artist-led project, offering fans of
 successful French band Daft Punk, the opportunity to become members of their
 own online club, with access to a large amount of free, digitally-protected
 content. Entry to the club will be available through the forthcoming Daft Punk
 album, "Discovery", bought through the retail channel. The Daft Club will
 enhance the consumer experience for fans, while supporting the traditional
 retail supply chain for artists' music. It should also show how digital
 protection of content can be used in highly creative marketing initiatives in
 the new music economy.
     InterTrust's DRM technology will be included on the new Daft Punk album
 "Discovery" to manage the digital music and chosen business model rules.
 Because Daft Club software is part of InterTrust's global MetaTrust Utility
 platform, members will be able to use other MetaTrust Certified applications.
 Record buyers will be able to load the InterTrust 'digital wallet' software
 from the CD onto their personal computer*, and with a Daft Club ID card,
 included within the album packaging, use it to run a downloaded Daft player
 with access to the exclusive online content.
     Emmanuel de Buretel, president, Virgin Continental Europe said:  "Daft
 Punk's "Discovery" is the perfect album to close one century and bring us into
 the next. It is a highly creative and innovative project in terms of music and
 image, and is certainly one of the most ambitious interactive projects ever
 delivered by a Virgin artist. It shows the direction in which new music
 formats can evolve, while respecting our retail partners. The Daft Club
 membership card is the solution to the interactive craving of the fan base and
 the need for continuous content. The project is a top priority for Virgin."
     Jay Samit, senior vice president, New Media, EMI commented:  "This project
 benefits both fans and retailers. Those who buy the album will be able to
 access the extra free content online, therefore creating more incentive to buy
 the album at retail."
     Steven Howard, Managing Director, Zomba Music said:  "As a leading
 independent music publisher, we constantly seek new ways to exploit our
 copyrights and so generate revenue for our writers. Whilst certain publishers
 see the digital transmission of music as a threat, we applaud InterTrust and
 Daft Club for developing a secure system which enhances rather than replaces
 the sale of physical product. Daft Club will give added value to Daft Punk
 releases and so further cement the band's already loyal, yet ever increasing,
     "We are really excited to be part of this cutting edge initiative with
 Virgin Records, Zomba and InterTrust," said Thomas Bangalter, Daft Punk.
 "Innovation has always been and remains Daft Punk's priority."
     "This alliance is breaking new ground in creating a rewarding experience
 for the fans, the artist and the distributor alike," said Simon Scott, VP
 strategic markets, InterTrust Technologies.  "It is an exciting, creative and
 commercially viable way of responding to internet piracy to create a
 compelling music experience. The artists get to use the internet to distribute
 their music and support traditional music retailers at the same time."
     More detailed information about Daft Club will be available with the
 release of the forthcoming Daft Punk album, "Discovery", to be released by
 Virgin Records on 12 March 2001.
     Daft Club images are available at:
     Username "intertrust". Password "daftclub"
     About Virgin Records
     Virgin Records is a record label that was started 30 years ago and
 acquired by EMI in 1992. Known for its independent spirit and artistic
 direction, the label is home to superstar artists including Janet Jackson,
 Rolling Stones, George Michael, Lenny Kravitz, Spice Girls, Enigma, Daft Punk.
 More recently, Virgin Records has launched a generation of new regional
 superstars ranging from Manu Chao, Lene Marlin to Air, Axelle Red and Jarabe
 de Palo. The label has 14 full-fledged companies in the UK, the US,
 Continental Europe, Brazil and Mexico and is distributed by EMI in another
 50 countries around the world.
     About Zomba Music Publishers Ltd
     Zomba Music Publishers Ltd (ZMPL) is the publishing arm of The Zomba Group
 of Companies, the world's largest independent music operation. Founded by
 Clive Calder some 20 years ago, ZMPL's catalogue contains many classic
 copyrights recorded by Shania Twain, Britney Spears, The Corrs, Bruce
 Springsteen, Backstreet Boys, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams,
 Celine Dion, Stone Roses, N Sync and many more. ZMPL, together with its US
 counterpart, Zomba Enterprises Inc (ZEI), boasts a current writer roster which
 includes Mutt Lange, Max Martin, Korn, R.Kelly, Limp Bizkit, Teddy Riley,
 Nitin Sawhney and of-course Daft Punk.
     Agreed with Delabel Editions/Daft Music for France.
     About Daft Punk
     Daft Punk's (Thomas Bangalter & Guy Manuel de Homem Christo) debut release
 "Homework", released 1997, has sold over two millions copies worldwide. The
 band, known for their innovative and artistic visual work, has won several
 video awards and worked with video directors such as Spike Jonze & Michel
 Gondry. "One More Time" is the first single from the long-awaited new album,
 "Discovery", produced by Daft Life, due on Virgin Records worldwide in March
 12, 2001. Commercially released on November 14th, 2000, "One More Time"
 debuted at number one in France, also debuted number two in the UK and number
 one in the Eurochart. It is now number one in the dance/club chart in the USA,
 number one in the Canadian chart and number one in the Japanese international
 radio charts.
     About Daft Life
     Daft Life Ltd is the producer of Daft Punk material.
     About InterTrust
     InterTrust Technologies Corporation is the leading developer of
 peer-to-peer, distributed digital rights management (DRM) technology. Its
 general-purpose DRM trust platform serves as a foundation for trusted
 peer-to-peer and client server e-commerce. InterTrust holds numerous patents
 in the area of trusted systems technology and peer-to-peer rights management,
 and licenses its technology and patents in the form of software or hardware
 and tools to partners. These partners provide digital commerce services and
 applications that together form the MetaTrust Utility, an interoperable global
 commerce system. InterTrust serves as the commercial administrator of the
 MetaTrust Utility, ensuring the neutrality, security, commercial reliability,
 and trusted interoperability of devices, services, and applications.
     The statements contained in this release that are not purely historical
 are forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 21E of the
 Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, including statements regarding
 InterTrust's expectations, beliefs, hopes, intentions or strategies regarding
 the future. All forward-looking statements included in this document are based
 upon information available to InterTrust as of the date hereof, and InterTrust
 assumes no obligation to update any such forward-looking statement. Actual
 results could differ materially from current expectations. Factors that could
 cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to, the
 factors and risks discussed in InterTrust's reports filed from time to time
 with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
     NOTE:  DigiBox, the InterTrust logo, MetaTrust, and The MetaTrust Utility
 are registered trademarks of InterTrust Technologies Corporation, and
 TrustChip, RightsChip, InterRights Point, MetaTrust-Certified, Rights/PD and
 Rights/System are trademarks of InterTrust Technologies Corporation, all of
 which may or may not be used in certain jurisdictions. All other brand or
 product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective
 companies or organizations.
     * Macintosh(R) OS 8.5 or above. Pentium 200 MHz or G3, 32MB RAM, CD ROM
 drive 4x or higher, sound card, 50MB available space on hard disk.

SOURCE InterTrust Technologies Corporation