Visto Declaration Asserts Viable BlackBerry Alternatives Exist in Event of Injunction

- Document to Be Filed Today in U.S. District Court -

Feb 01, 2006, 00:00 ET from Visto

    REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Feb. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- If a Federal Court shuts
 down Blackberry service next month, consumers need not worry about finding
 alternatives that measure up, according to a Visto declaration that will be
 submitted today in the U.S. District Court handling the Research in Motion
 (RIM) vs. NTP case.  The declaration also asserts that if the court were to
 enjoin the Blackberry service, Visto could quickly absorb all U.S. BlackBerry
     "Research in Motion would like the courts to blindly believe that an
 injunction on BlackBerries would cause great harm to our country's national
 defense and economy, when that is not true," said Brian Bogosian, Chief
 Executive Officer of Visto Corporation.  "If BlackBerries are hit with an
 injunction, Visto will be willing and able to pick up the slack."
     Visto is a leading global provider of secure push email services with a
 client list that includes Cingular, Sprint Nextel, the Vodafone Group, Rogers
 Wireless, and many other companies.  Visto Mobile service, which gives
 consumers the ability to access their email without compromising security, is
 available in 75 mobile phones and devices, including the Palm Treo 650 and the
 Motorola RAZR.  Visto, a pioneer in the wireless email market, holds 25
 patents and has 57 patents pending.
     "Mobile email users are looking for a safe harbor in the face of
 disruptions caused by legal penalties against patent infringers," said
 Bogosian.  "Visto is one of the very few companies that provide secure push
 email service using the technology that we have developed and protected."
     In the declaration, Visto rejects RIM's previous assertion that there are
 no viable substitutes to BlackBerry devices.  It also outlines several
 benefits of alternative BlackBerry options, including that the architecture is
 more secure and can be used in more products.
     "The Visto system is more versatile because it is technologically
 agnostic, in that it can run on a much wider variety of mobile phones and on
 most email systems," states the declaration.  "Unlike most RIM products,
 Visto's mobile email service does not require specialized hardware and can be
 obtained in multiple ways."
     Visto also rejects RIM's claim that their products are unique because they
 developed the entire system.  "The BlackBerry service is unique in that it
 runs over proprietary hardware, which is in fact not an advantage," reads the
 declaration.  "By contrast, Visto allows the consumer to purchase competing
 handheld devices from a wide array of sources."
     About Visto
     Visto delivers the leading global platform for mobile operators to provide
 wireless push email to the broadest set of mobile devices. Visto's open
 solution enables email for the mass market, targeting large enterprises, small
 businesses, mobile professionals and consumers. Visto's customized, brandable
 solutions are available through mobile operators worldwide including Cingular,
 Elisa, KPN, Rogers Wireless, SmarTone, SFR, Sprint-Nextel, TELUS Mobility and
 the Vodafone Group.
     Established in 1996, Visto is backed by Oak Investment Partners, Draper
 Fisher Jurvetson, DFJ ePlanet Ventures, VantagePoint Venture Partners,
 Meritech Capital Partners, Rustic Canyon Ventures, Allegis Capital and
 Blueprint Ventures. For more information, visit