Volo Auto Museum Announces That Volvo of North America (Goliath) Sues Volo Auto Museum (David) for Internet Domain Name Infringement

Apr 24, 2003, 01:00 ET from Volo Auto Museum

    VOLO, Ill., April 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The following press release is being
 issued by Volo Auto Museum:
     Volo, Illinois is a rural community approximately 50 miles northwest of
 Chicago.  Volo's mayor is a local pig farmer and the 200 or so folks living in
 Volo are a close-knit group of citizens who enjoy rural life in America.
     A commercial oasis in this quiet community is Volo Auto Museum, opened by
 the Grams family some 40 years ago.  Over the last two-score years Volo has
 grown in the antique and classic auto museum industry, to the point where the
 museum attracts both national and international visitors.
     Out of NOWHERE, Volvo of North America (now owned by Ford Motor Company),
 has brought a complaint against Volo Auto Museum before the World Intellectual
 Property Organization (WIPO), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, asserting
 that Volvo is somehow losing potential customers because in the cyberspace
 universe there may be either a realistic or fanciful confusion between
 potential Volvo vehicle purchasers, and those individuals who might be
 interested in antique, classic or muscle cars which Volo Museum has been
 displaying and selling for the last 40-years (long before imported Volvo
 vehicles were introduced into the profitable American marketplace).
     For starters, it is unlikely that the individuals responsible for WIPO
 have so much as a clue regarding the difference between a classic or antique
 or muscle vehicle and the very fine imported Volvo products.  Can you imagine
 anyone interested in viewing on the Internet or purchasing a 1972 Mustang Mach
 I, being confused and therefore not purchasing a 2003 Volvo 4-door sedan?  Or
 is Volvo contending that the museum is somehow profiting or being deceitful by
 displaying a beautifully restored 1958 Thunderbird and, therefore, a potential
 Volvo customer might be misled into thinking that the restored 1958
 Thunderbird is a late model Volvo?
     Perhaps the attorneys that filed the Volvo WIPO complaint never bothered
 to tell Ford Company executives what they were doing or what they had in mind.
 Or perhaps the attorneys, in their zeal to garner mammoth lawyer fees, are
 generating nonsensical WIPO complaints with a view toward trying to stamp out
 a small local enterprise that was displaying and selling classic and antique
 American produced cars long before Volvo opted to enter the profitable United
 States marketplace.

SOURCE Volo Auto Museum