Voxeo Community Portal Registers More Than 1,000 Phone+Web Developers

Provides Free Tools and Support to Easily Create and Test Web-Based

Phone Applications

Visitors Create Sophisticated Applications in Days

Jan 30, 2001, 00:00 ET from Voxeo Corporation

    SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Voxeo Corporation, a
 managed, nationwide network and web development platform for creating and
 deploying phone applications, today announced that more than 1,000 developers
 have become registered members of the Voxeo Community.  First publicly
 announced earlier this month, available at http://community.voxeo.com , this
 free site provides Voxeo's developers, customers and partners all of the
 resources and support necessary for creating, testing and deploying web-based
 phone applications on their Phone+Web Network, Voxeo.Net.
     Voxeo Community Developers have learned to create a new generation of
 applications for the telephone.  Currently, web developers use web
 technologies such as Microsoft ASP, Java JSP/Servlets, Allaire(TM)
 ColdFusion(R), Perl, and PHP to create traditional web applications.  Voxeo
 makes it just as easy for developers to use those technologies to create web
 applications for the telephone, using phone markup languages like VoiceXML and
     As a result, visitors to the Voxeo Community site -- even those without
 any previous experience developing phone applications -- have successfully
 created and deployed new phone applications in just a few hours.
     To further simplify development, Voxeo has also created Voxeo Designer, a
 free Rapid Application Development tool, which allows developers to visually
 design Phone+Web applications.  Voxeo Designer automatically generates the
 VoiceXML and CallXML code for the developer, radically reducing the amount of
 time necessary to create Phone+Web applications.
     "Voxeo's technology is very cool.  It's exciting, as a developer, to be
 able to use existing web technologies such as ColdFusion and Voxeo's open
 platform to quickly and easily develop applications that combine the web and
 the phone," said Jeremy Allaire co-founder and CTO of Allaire.  "Voxeo has
 made it so that any web developer can create their own Phone+Web applications
 in under a day."
     "Voxeo elegantly demonstrates that XML's device-independent descriptive
 approach is as powerful for phone applications as it is for visual display,"
 said Charles F. Goldfarb, father of markup languages and author of The XML
     Voxeo Community allows developers to leverage their existing skills with
 standard XML-based markup languages to add phone and voice capability to
 virtually any business application.  Phone+Web applications already created by
 developers in the Voxeo Community range from simple voicemail systems and
 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications, such as tele-banking, to
 robust, speech-driven e-commerce applications and personal communications
 services, such as Unified Messaging and instant phone notification.
     Key features of Voxeo's Community Site:
     -- More than 30 tutorials in VoiceXML and CallXML, since there are
        currently no books available on Phone+Web applications;
     -- An extensive open source library, including open source sample
        applications and audio libraries that developers can use as a starting
        point to create their own custom applications.  These open source
        applications are written using various web development tools, so that
        developers have the option to choose familiar web technologies to
        develop phone applications;
     -- Specifications and complete documentation for VoiceXML and CallXML;
     -- Voxeo Designer, a free Rapid Application Development tool for visually
        designing Phone+Web applications;
     -- Newsgroups where developers, customers and Voxeo employees can interact
        and share solutions;
     -- Free access for testing and initial trials on Voxeo.Net, Voxeo's
        managed, nationwide network, with a unique phone number for each
        application created and tested;
     -- 24-hour technical support via phone or email.  Voxeo already has a
        25-person team in customer support with extensive experience in
        creating Phone+Web applications, making sure that Voxeo customers and
        developers get all the help they need to create and deploy
     -- All of the resources available at Voxeo Community are free. Developers
        need only register to have access to everything at
        http://community.voxeo.com ;
     -- No new hardware or software needed in order to create, test and deploy
        Phone+Web applications.
     "As a developer, I know how hard it was to develop applications that
 combine the phone and the web.  Through Voxeo Community, we've made it so that
 creating and deploying phone apps is the same as creating and deploying web
 apps," explained Jonathan Taylor, president and CTO of Voxeo.  "The
 1,000 developers in our community are already creating the next generation of
 applications for the 1.5 billion phone users."
     About Voxeo Corporation
     Voxeo Corporation manages Voxeo.Net, the first nationwide network for the
 creation and deployment of Phone+Web applications.  Voxeo was founded in
 1999 by Gary Reback, formerly of Wilson Sonsini, and Jonathan Taylor, a
 recognized developer and expert in both phone and web technologies.  Voxeo is
 funded by Crosspoint Venture Partners, Mayfield and prominent individual
 investors. Voxeo is headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, with an
 additional office in Orlando, Florida.  For more information, please visit

SOURCE Voxeo Corporation