vSpring Capital Announces the 2005 v 100 Class - A Peer-Selected Community Designed to Foster Collaborative Partnering and Mentoring Among Top Entrepreneurs in the Region

The 2005 v|100 (vSpring Capital Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs) is Comprised of

'Individuals Most Likely to Lead a Successful Tech/Biotech Venture in the Next

5-7 Years'

Mar 02, 2005, 00:00 ET from vSpring Capital

    SALT LAKE CITY, March 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- vSpring Capital today
 announced the 2005 class of the vSpring Capital Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs,
 also known as the v|100.
     The v|100 was conceived by vSpring as a tool to recognize the region's
 outstanding entrepreneurs and to support and promote partnering and
 collaboration among top entrepreneurs in the region.
     "The v|100 has been an effective method to help vSpring and the community
 to recognize leadership and innovative excellence and increase networking in
 the entrepreneurial community within the state," said Dinesh Patel, managing
 director of vSpring Capital.
     Each year, members of the Utah business community are asked by vSpring to
 nominate individuals with ties to the state of Utah who are most likely to
 lead a successful startup venture in the next five to seven years in the IT
 (information technology) or biotech industries in a chief executive or chief
 technical officer role.
     These nominees are then invited to participate in a confidential online
 survey to vote for the top 10 individuals they feel would most likely meet the
 selection criteria.  Nominees garnering the most votes from their peers in
 this annual process are then elected into the v|100.  The result is a
 community-nominated, peer-selected group of the top IT and biotech
 entrepreneurs in the state.  These individuals are then invited to participate
 in an array of ongoing interactions throughout the year designed to provide
 increased exposure, resources and collaboration among this important group.
     "Running a startup can be a lonely experience," said Eric Jacobsen,
 managing partner of Utah- and Connecticut-based private equity firm Dolphin II
 and v|100 member for both 2005 and 2004.  "I want to interact, communicate and
 talk with other entrepreneurs that are dealing with similar problems and
 challenges.  Membership in the v|100 offers access to like-minded
 entrepreneurs and that has been a very positive experience for me."
     Facts about the 2005 class of the v|100
     The 2005 class of the v|100 includes a unique combination of dynamic young
 entrepreneurs, technology thought leaders and experienced leaders in the
 technology and biotechnology industries.  This year 42 new members were
 inducted into the v|100.  As a whole the 2005 class of the v|100 has raised
 more than $4 billion in capital assets and created more than 15,000 new jobs
 during their careers.
     A complete list of members in the 2005 v|100 is below.  Be advised that
 positions/companies noted were current as of the date of the compilation of
 the 2005 v|100 list of members.  For additional information about the v|100 or
 vSpring Capital, please contact vSpring's Dennis Wood at 801-942-8999(wk) or
 dennis@vspring.com, or David Politis of Politis Communications at 801-523-3730
 or dpolitis@politis.com.
      Curt Allen, Agilix Labs, www.agilix.com, President & CEO
      Paul Allen, Infobase Ventures, www.infobaseventures.com, Managing Partner
      Dallin M. Anderson, Montigen Pharmaceuticals, www.montigen.com,
         Chief Executive Officer
      Matt Asay, Novell, www.novell.com, Director, Linux Business Office
      David Bateman, Property Solutions, www.propertysolutions.com, Founder
      David Bean, Attensity Corp., www.attensity.com, CTO and Co-founder
      Dr. David J. Bearss, Montigen Pharmaceuticals, www.montigen.com,
         Chief Scientific Officer
      Dr. Ragula Bhaskar, FatPipe Networks, www.fatpipeinc.com, CEO
      Patrick Burke, Myriad Genetics, www.myriad.com/index.htm,
         Business Development Manager
      Greg Butterfield, Altiris, www.altiris.com, President & CEO
      Dr. Patrick M. Byrne, Overstock.com, www.overstock.com,
         President and Chairman
      Mark Calkins, Agilix Labs, www.agilix.com, VP of Platform Marketing
      Don Cash, Omniture, www.omniture.com, VP of Sales
      Brad Christensen, Novell, www.novell.com, Director of Product Mgmt.
      Craig Christensen, Altiris, www.altiris.com,
         Vice President & General Counsel
      James Clarke, Clear Link, CEO
      Josh Coates, Berkeley Data Systems, www.berkeleydata.net, President/CTO
      Tom Creighton, Epixtech, www.epixtech.com, Chief Architect
      Dr. Gregory Critchfield, Myriad Genetics Labs, www.myriad.com, President
      Gary L. Crocker, AnzenBio & Crocker Ventures, www.anzenbio.com,
         President and Managing Director
      Nicole Toomey Davis, Enclavix, www.enclavix.com, President & CEO
      Terry Dickson, Avinti, www.avinti.com, CEO
      John Dunn, Banyan Ventures, www.banyanventures.com, Director
      Mike Dutton, Dolphin II, www.dolphintwo.com, Partner
      Adam Edmunds, Silent Whistle, www.silentwhistle.com, President & CEO
      Bjorn Espenes, Infopia, www.infopia.com, CEO
      JD Gardner, vSpring Capital, www.vspring.com, Venture Partner
      Lee Gibbons, LDS Audio, www.ldsaudio.com, CTO
      Stephen W. Gibson, The Academy for Creating Enterprise,
         www.creatingenterprise.com, Founder Social Entrepreneur
      Darin D. Gilson, Banyan Ventures, www.banyanventures.com,
         Managing Director
      Brett Graham, Ingenix, www.ingenix.com, VP of Strategic Planning
      Michael Hall, Senforce, www.senforce.com, President & CEO
      Richard D. Hanks, Mindshare Technologies, www.mindsharetech.net,
         Chairman and President
      Jon Hansen, MSTAR.NET & Chicago Venture Partners, www.mstar.net, CEO
      Nathan S. Hatch, Helius, www.helius.com,
         Senior Vice President Marketing & Corporate Development
      Ron Heinz, Helius, www.helius.com, CEO
      Sheryl G. Hohle, BioCatalogia, www.biocatalogia.com, President & CEO
      Spence Hoole, Diversified Insurance Brokers,
         www.diversifiedinsurance.com, Partner
      Eliot Jacobsen, 0 to 60 Ventures, President
      Eric Jacobsen, Dolphin II, www.dolphintwo.com, Managing Director
      Josh James, Omniture, www.omniture.com, CEO/Co-Founder
      Rob Jeppsen, Primary Intelligence, www.primary-intel.com,
         Chief Strategy Officer
      Seth B. Johnson, Redi2 Technologies, www.redi2.com/contact.html, CEO
      Greg Jones, Visual Influence, www.visualinfluence.com, President
      Kimberly Jones, Verite, www.verite.com, CEO
      Jeff Kearl, LogoWorks, www.logoworks.com, Chief Marketing Officer
      Gary Kennedy, Double Eagle Ventures, Owner
      Dwain Kinghorn, Altiris, www.altiris.com, Chief Technology Officer
      Rebecca Olpin Krull, Star Bridge Systems, www.starbridgesystems.com,
         Director of Sales
      Fred Lampropoulos, Merit Medical Systems, www.meritmedical.com, CEO
      Bruce Law, Sprout Marketing, www.sproutmarketing.com,
         President and Founder
      Carl Ledbetter, UV Partners, www.uvpartners.com, Partner
      Scott C. Lemon, Agilix Labs, www.agilix.com, President
      Amy Lewis, Mediconnect.net, www.mediconnect.net, CEO
      Ron Lindorf, Humanvoice, www.humanvoice.com, Chairman
      Drew Major, Move Networks, www.cargonet.com, Founder
      William Marble, Calixus, www.calixus.com, Board Member
      Ty D. Mattingly, Raser Technologies, www.rasertech.com, Consultant
      David McGinn, Agilix Labs, www.agilix.com, CFO/ COO
      Peter D. Meldrum, Myriad Genetics, www.myriad.com, Managing Partner
      Glen Mella, Control4, www.control4.com, Chief Marketing Officer
      Craig Miller, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, www.lds.org,
         Director of Member Needs
      W. Tim Miller, Echelon Biosciences, www.echelon-inc.com, President
      Blake Moderzitski, UV Partners, www.uvpartners.com, General Partner
      Matt Mosman, Levanta, www.levanta.com, CEO
      Jan Newman, Altiris, www.altiris.com, VP of Business Development
      Thomas Ngo, NextPage, www.nextpage.com, CTO
      Amy Paul, Bard Access Systems, www.bardaccess.com, President
      Brad Pelo, NextPage, www.nextpage.com, Chairman of the Board
      Jim Perry, Perrypoint Ventures, CTO
      Ben Peterson, MingleMatch, www.minglematch.com, President
      Greg Peterson, GH Peterson Holdings, www.ghpeterson.com, Managing Partner
      Dr. Glenn D. Prestwich, University of Utah and Sentrx Surgical,
         www.utah.edu, Presidential Professor & CSO
      Michael Proper, DirectPointe, www.directpointe.com, President & CEO
      John E. Richards, BYU Center for Entrepreneurship, www.byu.edu,
         Associate Teaching Professor
      Larry Rigby, ZARS, www.zars.com, President & CEO
      David Rowe, Trend Micro, www.trendmicro.com,
         Executive VP of Global Marketing
      Todd Shepherd, Studeo, www.studeo.com, Co-Founder/Partner
      Eric Smith, Control4, www.control4.com, CTO
      James Sorenson Jr., Sorenson Media, www.sorenson.com, CEO
      Bryan Sparks, Solera Networks, www.soleranetworks.com, Managing Partner
      Tim Stay, Marketing Ally, Founder
      Joshua J. Steimle, MWI, www.mwi.com, CEO
      Ian Stiles, Agilix Labs, www.agilix.com, Software Architect
      Tom Stockham, MyFamily.com, www.myfamily.com, President & CEO
      Weston Swenson, Forum Systems, www.forumsys.com, CEO
      Cydni R. Tetro, NextPage, www.nextpage.com,
         Vice President Product and Corporate Marketing
      Daren Thayne, MyFamily.com, www.myfamily.com, Chief Technology Officer
      Kent L Thomas, CFO Solutions, www.cfosolutionsllc.com,
         Founder & Managing Member
      Rodney Tiede, Broadcast International, www.broadcastinternational.com,
      Mike Tippets, Helius, www.helius.com, SVP Engineering & Strategy
      Jay Verkler, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, www.lds.org,
         Director FCH Group
      Brett Walker, VitalSmarts, www.vitalsmarts.com, Chief Marketing Officer
      Brad Walters, MaxStream, www.maxstream.net, Chairman, President & CEO
      Will West, Control4, www.control4.com, CEO
      Greg Whisenant, Wasatch Solutions, www.wasatchsolutions.com, President
      Weston Whitman, Harvard Business School, www.hbs.edu, MBA Candidate 2005
      Gary Williams, Brigham Young University, www.byu.edu,
         Associate Director -- Center for Entrepreneurship
      Phillip J. Windley, The Windley Group, www.windley.com,
         Associate Professor
      Ralph Yarro, Canopy Group, www.canopy.com, President & CEO
     About vSpring Capital
     vSpring Capital (www.vspring.com) is an early-stage venture capital fund
 focusing on investment opportunities in Information Technology and Life
 Sciences.  vSpring capitalizes on the managerial skills and operating
 experience of its principals to successfully invest in and mentor early-stage
 companies.  vSpring has offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and Los Alamos, New

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