Wachovia Recognized for Top Ten Intranet Site

Oct 14, 2003, 01:00 ET from Wachovia Corporation

    CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Nielsen Norman Group,
 an intranet design and consulting firm, recently selected Wachovia's intranet,
 "Inside Wachovia Exchange," as one of the Ten Best Intranets of 2003.
 Exchange eclipsed 73 other entries to receive recognition as one of the best
 intranets for ease of use and presentment of valuable information resources to
     "We built Exchange based on extensive feedback and input from Wachovia
 employees," said Dale Bass, vice president, intranet experience team.  "We
 also focused on the usability of the site with the goal of providing easy,
 consistent access to corporate information."
     Judges paid particular attention to the clean look of Exchange and the
 user-friendly features that make navigation intuitive, and they cited the ease
 and efficiency of quickly locating information on the site.  The judges also
 highlighted the ability to provide relevant information to employees within
 all business units of the bank.
     "A user-centered design approach was used to create the best intranet
 experience possible for Wachovia employees," said Jason Ward, Wachovia's
 interactive design group director.  "We must communicate as effectively with
 more than 80,000 employees as we do with our customers.  The care and
 expertise that went into the creation of our intranet site is the same
 deliberate approach we take with our customer site -- wachovia.com."
     Among the features recognized as key elements of Exchange include global
 links maintained at the top of the screen to promote easy navigation, a search
 box present on all pages so users can easily find information anywhere on the
 site, and quick access to news and information that helps employees remain
     "The Wachovia enterprise intranet site accurately represents a busy
 company," said usability expert Jakob Nielsen, principal of Nielsen Norman
 Group.  "It buzzes with activity, but it's not too cluttered or in any way
 annoying -- a difficult balance to achieve."
     About Wachovia
     Wachovia Corporation (NYSE:   WB) is one of the largest providers of
 financial services to retail, brokerage and corporate customers throughout the
 East Coast and the nation, with assets of $364 billion and stockholders'
 equity of $32 billion at June 30, 2003.  The corporation operates full-service
 banking offices in 11 East Coast states and Washington, D.C., and offers
 retail brokerage services in 48 of the 50 states.  Global services are
 provided through more than 30 international offices.  Online banking and
 brokerage products and services are available through wachovia.com.
     About Nielsen Norman Group
     Nielsen Norman Group (www.nngroup.com) is a user-experience research firm
 that advises companies on how to succeed through human-centered design of
 products and services.  Nielsen Norman Group principals Jakob Nielsen, Don
 Norman and Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini are each world-renowned experts in usability
 and human use of technology.  Besides authoring books and evangelizing about
 user experience, they and the other user-experience specialists at Nielsen
 Norman Group offer high-level strategic consultation on usability of websites,
 consumer products, software designs and anything else that needs to be easy-
 to-use.  The 175-page PDF award report is available for purchase at

SOURCE Wachovia Corporation