Warmingearth.com Advances Temperature Theory, Suggests Kyoto Protocol Be 'Put On Hold'

Jul 23, 2001, 01:00 ET from Warmingearth.com

    ROSEMERE, Quebec, July 23 /PRNewswire/ --  A new Web site,
 www.warmingearth.com , has been launched by a Canadian engineer to present
 evidence of his theory that the earth may actually be entering a 30-year
 cooling pattern, which if true, could revise thinking with regard to the Kyoto
 Protocol on global warming.
     Analyzing global temperature statistics between the years 1880 to 2000,
 Web site author, Eugene Alexandrescu, discovered a pattern in temperature
 change highlighted by a 60-year cycle of warming then cooling.  In the first
 half of the cycle, the earth's temperature increases by 0.75-0.85 degrees F
 (0.37-0.42 degrees C).  And, in the second half, the temperature decreases by
 -0.15-0.25 degrees F (-0.075-0.125 degrees C).  Each 60-year cycle exhibits an
 average warming of 0.50-0.60 degrees F (0.25-0.30 degrees C).
     According to Alexandrescu, the temperature pattern between 1940 and today
 repeats almost exactly the pattern between 1880 and 1940.  If this holds true
 then the earth is entering a 30-year period of slight cooling.
     "The 60-year cycle of earth warming cannot be explained through the
 greenhouse effect. Its length indicates a cosmological cause. Now is the best
 time to see if this warming pattern is correct. If it is, we will be entering
 a cooling phase.  However, if the greenhouse effect holds true then earth's
 temperature will continue to rise," Alexandrescu said.
     The Web site author further urges that the Kyoto Protocol be put on a five
 to ten year "hold" while the earth's temperature is monitored.  "If we do
 nothing and the greenhouse effect is true," he says, "then it may produce in
 the next ten years a global average temperature rise of only 0.2- 0.3 degrees
 F (0.1-0.15 degrees C) which is not really significant.  But, if it is not
 true, we will save needless expense."
     Global warming has a cosmological cause and relates to the earth's
 expansion, according to Alexandrescu.  "I did not discover the warming pattern
 by chance", he notes.  "I was looking for a second proof of my Cosmhole
     The Cosmhole Theory, presented on the Warming Earth site, explains that
 the universe did not appear out of a singularity, as supposed by the Big Bang
 Theory, but from another universe.  The site also describes how the earth's
 expansion generates earthquakes.  And, it brings overdue attention to the
 possibility of predicting quakes thus preventing their dreadful consequences.
     Eugene Alexandrescu
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