Wasabi Ports NetBSD Operating System to MIPS Technologies' MIPS32(TM) Malta(TM) Reference Platform

Mar 11, 2002, 00:00 ET from Wasabi Systems

    NEW YORK, March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Wasabi Systems, the NetBSD Company,
 today announced its port of the NetBSD operating system to the MIPS
 Technologies, Inc., Malta reference platform.  The port was completed as part
 of Wasabi's membership in the MIPS(TM) Alliance Program.
     The Malta reference platform is used to evaluate MIPS-based(TM) 32-bit and
 64-bit processors for a wide variety of applications, particularly in the
 communications space.  NetBSD, the world's most portable operating system,
 runs on fifty distinct architectures, representing thirteen separate CPU
 families, and is widely used in advanced embedded systems.  In keeping with
 open source practices, the source code has been committed to the NetBSD source
     "Wasabi and NetBSD are well positioned to leverage MIPS Technologies'
 unique capabilities for embedded communication systems," said Mark Otto,
 manager of system solutions marketing at MIPS Technologies.  "We are seeing
 more demand for this type of operating system solution and business model."
     Wasabi is closely aligned with several MIPS Technologies licensees and
 their customers. "Since 1994, NetBSD has had an outstanding record of
 supporting MIPS architectures," said Wasabi CEO Perry Metzger, "and we
 continue to support the latest and best MIPS technologies. The MIPS
 architecture is an excellent platform for high-end embedded applications and
 we're excited to be part of the MIPS Alliance Program."
     About Wasabi Systems
     Wasabi Systems, Inc. (www.wasabisystems.com), is the premier source for
 commercial BSD development, support and customization, and offers a range of
 integrated NetBSD system solutions, including support and development
 contracts. Wasabi's team includes the world's foremost NetBSD developers.
     About NetBSD
     NetBSD is an open source BSD Unix-derived operating system which offers
 full Unix functionality across the widest range of hardware platforms on the
     For more information, contact Wasabi Systems, Inc., 104 W. 14th St, NY, NY
 10011; ph: (646) 638-2424 fax: (509) 461-7283 email: info@wasabisystems.com
 web: http://www.wasabisystems.com.
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