We Know Beauty Expertly Enhances Breasts with FDA-Approved Cohesive Gel Implants

We Know Beauty focuses on the latest innovations in breast augmentation, providing only the best materials and services

01 Mar, 2013, 17:27 ET from We Know Beauty

LOS ANGELES, March 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- We Know Beauty, Southern California's panel of board certified plastic surgeons, offer the finest breast and body procedures – in addition to non invasive face lift solutions – for those wanting to look their very best. Throughout Los Angeles, We Know Beauty is recognized for impeccable breast reconstruction and augmentation, utilizing manufacturer Sientra's cohesive silicone-gel breast implants. During its clinical trials, the Sientra brand implant was termed the "gummy bear" breast implant, for its malleable yet form-holding aspects. Like the gummy candy, the silicone filling remains stable, even if the object were sliced in half. When placed in the breast tissue or behind the breast bone, the elite surgeons of We Know Beauty expertly complete the augmentation or reconstruction for clientele deserving superior results.

This month, the FDA approved a new form-holding silicone breast implant from Allergan, Natrelle 410. Like the teardrop-shaped silicone implant offered by We Know Beauty over the past year, the newly-approved implant went through several years of trials prior to approval. Study results, gleaned from over 1700 trial participants, are similar to Sientra implant data. The form-holding nature of the silicone gel prevents leakage in the rare case that the outer-shell, also made of silicone, opens. Both Allergan and Sientra implants are at low-risk for rupture.

It is an exciting time in breast augmentation with We Know Beauty offering the latest, safest innovations to the greater Los Angeles area, in addition to rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, face lift, neck lift, and liposuction with recovery guidelines for each procedure. As true professionals, the association of highly-experienced surgeons only presents the safest products to patients. With the counsel of the We Know Beauty surgeon, the patient selects the ideal silicone implant for the desired outcome. It is true that the silicone implants currently available are the safest the global market has yet seen, but being equipped with the greatest materials only plays a part in the perfect breast procedure. The surgeon must possess the proper education, experience, and talent to pave the way in modern breast augmentation and reconstruction.  Those considering the high-end services of We Know Beauty may rest assured that each surgeon possesses the aforementioned attributes, professional demonstrating these traits in every procedure.

International clients who aim at attaining the highest level of beauty travel to Los Angeles to receive a breast augmentation from the We Know Beauty surgeons. For the client wanting a flawless, fuller look, or the patient who lost breast tissue in her victory over cancer, We Know Beauty continues to use the safe, silicone implants for an enviable appearance and realistic texture. When the patient attends a consultation with We Know Beauty, she is presented with gorgeous before and after pictures of previous patients, which will not only meet, but surpass her expectations. It is the same with the mommy makeover before and after pictures in We Know Beauty's official photo gallery.

To learn more about safe, FDA-approved breast augmentation or reconstruction solutions from We Know Beauty, call 800-832-0510 to schedule a complimentary consultation, or visit www.weknowbeauty.com for further details.

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