Web-Based Interviews No Longer an Illusion but Reality

Jun 25, 2008, 01:00 ET from LeafsOfTalent.com, Inc.

    CARROLLTON, Texas, June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- John C. Sudds, the founder
 of LeafsOfTalent.com, Inc., has long admired the concept of web-based
 interviews becoming a premier application for recruiting in the 21st
     Since 2002, Mr. Sudds has shared his highly circulated business plan
 with many venture capital firms and large business sources in an effort to
 launch what his company considers its flagship service, web-based
     LeafsOfTalent's services would combine what the company refers to as
 Webcam Interview Ready Rooms (WIRRs) and Interview Ready Rooms (IRRs) with
 webcam software for employers and job seekers to engage preliminary
 interviews. Employers would be able to select from a job candidate circuit
 list to initiate interviews using pre-selection screenings.
     Mr. Sudds' bold vision appears to have made its way to the marketplace
 through a venture named Livehire.com. According to Livehire their
 interviewing concept was conceived by recruiters to improve hiring
 processes for employers and jobseekers.
     Although there are striking similarities in Livehire's user processes
 and device features, LeafsOfTalent's founder contacted Livehire's CEO
 Michael Policano on 6/23/08 to congratulate his company on a job well done.
 Mr. Sudds feels that the similarities cited above are probably a
 coincidence and stated to Mr. Policano in correspondence that "great minds
 think alike."
     Livehire's implementation of web-based interviews in real time serves
 as a testament to the future of what Mr. Sudds at the very beginning
 considered an extraordinary service with vast growth potential.
     LeafsOfTalent.com, Inc. is a veteran and African American owned firm
 that aspires to help pioneer web-based interviews through both development
 and promotional initiatives and strongly encourages business professionals
 to participate in the company's developing venture.
     Visit us at: https://www.leafsoftalent.com/about-the-company.cfm
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