Web Communities Flourish With New HD DVD Titles

Transformers, Heroes draw in thousands of fans with web connected


Dec 04, 2007, 00:00 ET from HD DVD Promotional Group

    LOS ANGELES, Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Fans of summer smash hits and
 groundbreaking TV series are tapping into the web-enabled communities
 offered by HD DVD. "Transformers" from Paramount Home Entertainment and
 "Heroes: Season One" from Universal Home Entertainment are among the titles
 that saw significant online usage of the web-connected features.
     "Transformers," which continues to be one of the top selling titles in
 any high definition format, had more than 80,000 unique online users, with
 31% returning to download additional content as it became available.
 Universal's current web-enabled titles, which include "Heroes: Season One",
 "Knocked Up", and "Evan Almighty", saw an average of 30% of HD DVD
 purchasers going online to download content and connect with other fans.
     "We've only scratched the surface in offering web-connected experiences
 to fans of hit movies and TV shows, so it was great to see so many
 connecting online for these titles," said Ken Graffeo, executive vice
 president of HD strategic marketing for Universal Studios Home
 Entertainment, and co-president of the HD DVD Promotional Group. "As more
 titles from the HD DVD studios include access to downloads, trailers and
 community pages, the owner of any HD DVD player can take advantage of these
 web-connected experiences."
     Made possible through Microsoft's HDi(TM) technology, web-connected
 features are supported in every HD DVD player due to the mandatory hardware
 requirements inherent in the HD DVD specifications. The specifications
 include a network connection, picture-in-picture capability, and persistent
 storage on the player itself. Collectively, these features bring a fan's
 favorite movie or program to life, allowing for in depth second viewings,
 and allowing content creators to add new material to the experience over
     "Seeing the fan base rally around 'Transformers', 'Heroes' and other
 key titles on HD DVD was validation that there's an interest in extending
 the movie watching experience," said Chris Saito, vice president of
 worldwide HD DVD marketing, Paramount Home Entertainment. "Growing and
 feeding the fan communities is a critical piece to evolving home
 entertainment, and this is an example of where HD DVD is meeting the
     Web-enabled features found on Paramount's "Transformers" include
 downloadable Sector 7 Transmission videos, "Transformers" Profiler with
 still photography and bios, and "Intelligence Mode", a special data
 dashboard providing stats on the various Autobots and Decepticons, a GPS
 locator and factoids. The "Transformers" HD DVD also includes Menubots,
 which allow fans to customize their menus to a variety of themes, from
 Bumblebee to Megatron.
     Universal's "Heroes: Season 1" HD DVD offers a Download Center filled
 with exclusive content, trailers and show updates. The boxed set also
 includes a Genetic Abilities Test where fans can test themselves and post
 their "hero profile" to the Heroes community site on NBC.com, triggering a
 unique access code to view exclusive content.
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