Webot Gives Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Users Instant Access to All Their Personal Media From Anywhere.

Dec 20, 2007, 00:00 ET from Webot

    SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Webot, the remote media platform
 for browsers and mobile devices, is now available with a custom-built
 interface for the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.
     "We're proud to deliver the first media player that lets Nokia N810
 users enjoy all the media on their computers from anywhere," said Dave
 Gottesman, CEO of Webot. "Nokia's Internet tablets are groundbreaking
 devices that redefine what's possible with mobility, so they're perfect for
 innovative applications like ours."
     To build the media player, Webot tailored its existing media search,
 sharing, and player technologies to the unique design of the tablet. With a
 tap of the screen, users can play any song from any of their computers,
 anywhere in the world. The system also offers digital picture frames that
 are automatically updated as new photos arrive, and the ability to share
 photo albums with family and friends.
     With this release, Webot continues to be the most broadly deployable
 remote media technology in the world. In addition to browser-based media
 players, Webot supports the iPhone and iPod Touch, and now the Nokia N810
 Internet tablet. What's more, Webot can search and stream media from
 Windows, MacOS, and Linux machines.
     About Webot
     Webot is a remote media platform that lets users play, view, and share
 their personal media from anywhere. Webot indexes all media across multiple
 Windows, MacOS, and Linux machines, making it playable and searchable from
 browsers and mobile devices. Users aren't limited to only the media stored
 on their mobile devices; instead, thousands of songs and pictures are only
 a click or a tap away.
     Built and run by the people behind some of today's biggest networks and
 most popular music tools, Webot is changing how people access and interact
 with the photos and songs that matter to them. Whether you're just
 listening to music at work or sharing pictures with family and friends
 worldwide, Webot's service is free and easy to install.
     To find out more or start using Webot today, visit
     More details on the N810 integration
     The Webot application is included in Nokia's featured download page at
 http://www.nokia.com/OS2008. For more information on Webot's technology,
 including photos and a demonstration of the new N810 interface, contact
 Chris Amen-Kroeger at +1 415 225 5587.