WebPartner Unveils "WebPartner Performance Suite(TM)" to Provide an Integrated Approach to E-Business Performance Management

Web-based Solution Offers End-to-End IT Performance Management; Co-relates Web

site performance to Back-end Infrastructure to Optimize Online Experience

Feb 14, 2001, 00:00 ET from WebPartner

    CUPERTINO, Calif., Feb. 14 /PRNewswire/  -- WebPartner(TM), a winner of
 the UPSIDE Hot 100 Award for 2000 in the B2B category and a leading provider
 of e-business performance management solutions, today announced WebPartner
 Performance Suite(TM) -- a comprehensive enterprise solution that includes
 both front-end and back-end IT performance monitoring and management.
     e-Businesses, now have a highly dependable, cost-effective, scalable, and
 robust Web-based solution that proactively monitors and manages the
 performance of their mission critical Web operations, right from online
 customer experience to the back-end IT infrastructure including Web servers,
 NT/UNIX systems, networks, and applications.
      WebPartner Performance Suite provides real-time availability and
 performance monitoring, centralized event management, data correlation,
 automated alerting and advanced reporting on URLs, Internet, Extranets, and
 Intranet IT resources.
     "WebPartner Performance Suite represents a seamless integration of our
 front-end performance management solutions with the infrastructure
 surveillance tools that we gained in our recent acquisition of @Manage, and
 our commitment to our customers to provide them with a total perspective of
 their entire e-business infrastructure," said Mark Bailey, Chairman and CEO of
     From a centralized console, WebPartner customers can view the performance
 of all of their Web and IT resources, over the Internet from anywhere,
 anytime.  WebPartner empowers IT administrators to have a comprehensive check
 on their customers online experience, and correlate that experience with the
 performance of each element in the e-business infrastructure.
     With WebPartner Performance Suite, IT administrators no longer have to
 guess about the source of a problem, or whether their performance objectives
 are being met.  Its intelligent problem isolation, policy-based management,
 alerting and global escalation features, helps to quickly isolate and pinpoint
 the source of the problem, whether in the server, the application, or the
 network.  Site managers get immediate notification of potential problems via a
 Web-based event console, pager, or e-mail -- before they impact vital services
 and online customers.
     The solution is highly customizable, and easy to use and allows customers
 to tailor the service to their precise business needs, with all changes made
 in real-time.  Its modular architecture is designed to further simplify the
 company's service offerings and allow organizations to grow and modify the
 solution incrementally as their e-business performance management requirements
     WEBPARTNER PERFORMANCE SUITE(TM) consists of the following components:
     I. WP TRANSACTION ANALYZER(TM): Provides measurement and reporting on the
     performance of multi-page, interactive transactions on a Web site from
     search to checkout. It enables e-Businesses to optimize the performance
     of their business-critical transactions.
     II. WP SITE PERFORMANCE(TM): Provides intelligent and comprehensive
     monitoring of enterprise Web sites and has the following service
     (i) WP Site Analyzer(TM): Uses proprietary traffic analysis techniques to
     automatically direct monitoring to the most critical areas of a web site
     where poor customer experience is most likely to impact bottom line.
     (ii) WP Traffic Analyzer(TM): Uses log file analysis to zero in on the
     most relevant statistical data about a company's Web site performance.
     III. WP INFRASTRUCTURE PERFORMANCE(TM): Provides reliable, robust and
     scalable monitoring of various IT devices and resources.  Is further
     broken down into:
     (i) WP OS Analyzer(TM): Monitors systems, networks, processes, and
     subsystem events under Windows NT, Windows2000, Linux and Solaris to
     maintain system availability, reliability, and performance.
     (ii) WP Device Analyzer(TM): Optimizes network performance by proactively
     monitoring network devices, thereby easing administrative burdens.
     (iii) WP Database Analyzer(TM): Collects, maintains and reports and alerts
     on the performance of Oracle and MS SQL databases, allowing database
     administrators to make expert decisions about database growth,
     organization, and performance.
     "By acquiring @Manage and smoothly blending the service offering of the
 two companies, we are able to realize our vision of taking e-Business
 performance management to the next level. We have moved away from the point
 monitoring solution providers league to being a holistic provider of value
 added e-business performance management solutions to our customers," said Mark
     WebPartner's customers include high-profile e-Businesses including
 AlteonWebSystems, @Road Inc., ClubMom, Internet Pictures Corporation, Simply
 Wireless, and The Sharper Image.  For more information about WebPartner
 Performance Suite(TM), call 408-213-5000 or email us at sales@webpartner.com .
     WebPartner(TM) is a leading provider of web-based e-business performance
 management solutions that enable companies to optimize the online experience
 and compete effectively in the Internet economy. These application services
 help e-businesses correlate Web site user experience with their back-end
 infrastructure performance and proactively identify, diagnose and fix
 problems, thereby ensuring peak efficiency of their business-critical web
     Ranked by UPSIDE magazine as a HOT 100 company in the B2B e-commerce
 category for 2000, WebPartner is venture backed and led by a team of industry
 veterans with experience at companies such as Exodus Communications,
 Healtheon, Kleiner Perkins, McAfee, Oak Technology, Symantec and ZDNet.
 WebPartner's solutions are targeted at business and IT professionals in Global
 2000 companies. For more information, visit www.webpartner.com or call us at
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