Webscalers Debuts Its Information Integration Technology

AllInOneNews is the world's largest news metasearch engine

Aug 22, 2007, 01:00 ET from Webscalers

    LAFAYETTE, La., Aug. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- While the technologies to
 access information scattered in hundreds of thousands of web sites around
 the world have advanced, such technologies effectively access only those
 parts of information that are stored and managed in the form of web pages.
 There is a much larger -- estimated by some to be several hundred times
 larger in size -- portion of the Web that is largely untapped by current
 web site crawlers. Advanced information integration technologies, such as
 metasearch engines, are the answer.
     A metasearch engine is an information retrieval system that sends user
 requests to multiple search engines and/or databases. It then returns the
 results, filtered according to relevance, allowing users to access the most
 pertinent information from multiple search engines simultaneously. A
 characteristic inherent to meta-search technology is that it requires
 significantly less expensive IT infrastructure. Clement Yu, the Company's
 CEO, notes that metasearch engines have the advantage of needing only one
 or two personal computers to access other search engines.
     AllInOneNews (accessible at http://www.allinonenews.com) connects to
 over 1,800 news sources in more than 200 countries/regions. Its technology
 and reach allow AllInOneNews to present the user with a higher number of
 relevant hits than a single search engine could generate.
     AllInOneNews performs "semantic search," meaning it looks not only for
 keywords, but also for subject matter closely related to the original
 query. Using this logic, a search for 'skin cancer' would also return
 results on melanoma.
     The ability to connect with many search engines simultaneously enables
 AllInOneNews to provide the timeliest information possible. This feature
 can be especially significant to stock traders and government agencies,
 which need to act quickly on up-to-the-minute reports.
     AllInOneNews grew out of a research project sponsored by the National
 Science Foundation. The principal investigators were Clement Yu, from the
 University of Illinois at Chicago, and Weiyi Meng, from the State
 University of New York at Binghamton. The project also received technology
 assistance from investigators Vijay Raghavan and Zonghuan Wu, from the
 University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Later, the National Science
 Foundation's Small Business Innovation Research program provided funds for
 Phase-One and Two of the project. Webscalers, founded in Louisiana in 2002,
 is devoted to the development of optimized search technology to address
 various business needs.

SOURCE Webscalers