Weiner Public News First Media Team at National Press Club 5K

Sep 08, 2007, 01:00 ET from Robert Weiner Associates Public Affairs and Issue Strategies

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- At the National Press
 Club's 10th Annual 5K race today, which starts and finishes at the National
 Press Club at 14th & F in Washington, Weiner Public News was first of nine
 media teams. Weiner Public News, the news reporting and op-ed writing
 division of Robert Weiner Associates Public Affairs and Issue Strategies
 has published over 60 op-eds in top 100 papers since Weiner left the White
 House in 2001 and conducted over 500 radio and TV interviews. Weiner
 webmaster Jay Wind organized the team (only the top three count despite
 some media teams entering as many as 12 members) -- which for Weiner Public
 News consisted of Jay Wind, Weiner, and Zeren Kelele.
     The Weiner team also won last year and was called up to the podium by
 the National Press Club's Rick Dunham (of the Houston Chronicle), the meet
 director, as "defending champions."
     The Weiner team was first with a combined three-person total of 59:47.
 Here are complete results:
     1)Weiner Public News (59:47)
     2)US News (1:04:12)
     3)Religion and ethics (1:07:20)
     4)Bloomberg (1:09:41)
     5)Hearst (1:11:43)
     6)Gannett/USA Today (1:14:13)
     7)McGraw Hill (1:14:44)
     8)Reuters (1:24:48)
     9)AP (1:25:14)
     Weiner said, "The results show that athletes of all ages can compete
 and win against younger athletes. Masters track and running are a lifetime
 sport. You need high energy, which running gives you, to write and generate
 good media! Fitness matters for anything else in life for that matter."
 Weiner is 60, Wind 57, and Kelele 26. Early in his career, long before
 serving in the Clinton White House, Weiner was Chief of Staff of the House
 Aging Committee, and he now volunteers as the elected National Media Chair
 for USATF Masters Track and Field.
     To see Weiner's opeds and radio-TV, click on links:
     Photo: http://www.weinerpublic.com/bobweiner.html
     Contact: Bob Weiner 301-283-0821/202-329-1700 or Jay Wind 703-505-3567

SOURCE Robert Weiner Associates Public Affairs and Issue Strategies