WellCare Assures Medicaid Members of Access to Quality Dentists

Kool Smiles Removed from Network - DCH Reviewing Allegations of

Over-utilization of Services, 'Unusual Patterns of Patient Restraint'

Aug 27, 2007, 01:00 ET from WellCare Health Plans, Inc.

    ATLANTA, Aug. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- WellCare of Georgia, Inc. announced
 today that it has confirmed hundreds of dentists in its network available
 to treat new patients. In fact, the WellCare dental network has the
 capacity to treat two-to-three times the number of patients who were seeing
 Kool Smiles dentists before WellCare terminated its contract with Kool
     More than 90 dental practices within a five-mile radius of Kool Smiles
 offices have committed to welcoming new WellCare members as patients. In
 the Atlanta metro area, for instance, there are 15 offices eager to accept
 up to 46,000 new patients.
     "We have assured the state Department of Community Health and all of
 our members that we have many times more dentists than needed near Kool
 Smiles offices who are ready, willing and able to treat our WellCare
 members," said Michael Cotton, chief operating officer of WellCare of
 Georgia. "Our network is extensive, and well beyond the access guidelines
 mandated by the state."
     WellCare has performed an analysis of claims data, which shows some
 startling facts. Kool Smiles treats primarily children and performs 17%
 more procedures per patient than other dentists. When compared with other
 dentists, a child treated by Kool Smiles is:
     -- five times more likely to receive crowns;
     -- four times more likely to receive five or more crowns;
     -- 40% more likely to have their teeth pulled or extracted; and
     -- three times more likely to be physically restrained during dental
     In addition, fourteen Kool Smiles patients under the age of ten have
 endured fourteen or more crowns placed in their mouth. While Kool Smiles
 was only about 5% of WellCare's dental network, Kool Smiles made up
 approximately 20% of general dentistry costs.
     Georgia's Department of Community Health (DCH) last week released a
 statement (attached) that the Department will "...thoroughly investigate
 all the allegations received from parents/guardians of patients and other
 dentists concerning poor care delivery received from Kool Smiles."
     The statement goes on to say that the DCH Inspector General began an
 audit of Kool Smiles back in March, and that it will also investigate
 concerns reported to them "... including but not limited to unusual
 patterns of patient restraint (such as use of restraining boards for
 children), over-utilization of stainless steel crowns in children compared
 to other dentists and normal averages, and lower use of preventive care
 (i.e. fewer sealants used to prevent cavities per patient treated) compared
 to other dentists."
     "It is a shame that Kool Smiles has been unnecessarily scaring our
 members about their access to dental care," said Cotton. "In the face of
 their well-orchestrated campaign of scare tactics, we could no longer sit
 quietly while our members and others were fed misinformation."
     A hotline has been established, in English and Spanish, and shared with
 all members who need assistance finding a new dental home.
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