WestNet Learning Selects Xyleme's New Integrated Learning Solution

Rich Integration With Xyleme Server Creates Robust Platform for Development of

Innovative Knowledge Applications

Feb 22, 2005, 00:00 ET from Xyleme Inc.

    SAN DIEGO, Feb. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Xyleme (R) Inc., a leading provider of
 XML content management solutions, today announced the release of a fully
 integrated learning solution, and its selection by WestNet Learning for the
 deployment of their next generation of learning content infrastructure.  This
 latest release integrates Xyleme's flagship product, Xyleme Server, with XML
 authoring tools and a Just-in-Time Learning Services' (JLS) delivery platform,
 both acquired from Novizio in December, 2004.
     Xyleme Studio 2.0, an XML authoring and virtual document assembly
 application, now incorporates native XML content management services,
 contextual querying, and real-time notifications to provide instructional
 designers and technical publishers with unprecedented power to efficiently
 create and manage highly consistent training and knowledge products. From a
 single source repository of reusable XML objects, training content, including
 SCORM 2004 courseware, technical manuals, and performance support materials
 can be dynamically assembled, published, and syndicated across multiple
 channels using the JLS delivery platform. These unique capabilities provide
 owners of high-value training content a flexible platform to rapidly develop a
 new breed of just-in-time knowledge applications.
     As a premier publisher of learning products and technologies to colleges,
 universities, and corporations, WestNet Learning offers a blended learning
 approach that includes textbooks, student guides and skill gap analysis
 assessment tools, as well as both self-paced and instructor lead on-line
 learning programs. WestNet chose Xyleme to drive a single source content
 strategy and significantly lower production and maintenance costs. More
 importantly, Xyleme Studio's coordinated workflow and flexible reuse of
 document objects will allow WestNet to further leverage their intellectual
 capital to generate on-demand, customized training products.
     "Adopting a single-source XML strategy with Xyleme Studio will give
 WestNet a win on two fronts," commented Joe Scullion, President and CEO of
 WestNet Learning. "First, a common source of content allows us to streamline
 our production and eliminate redundant development. Second, flexible reuse
 means that we can more rapidly design and assemble customized course
 curriculums and deliver on-demand training in the format best suited to an
 individual learner's requirements."
     "The integration of these products brings learning, technical
 documentation and knowledge management to an entirely new level," remarked
 Jeff Katzman, Xyleme's Vice President of U.S. Operations. "With Studio and
 Xyleme Server, our customers can leverage their content to rapidly create new
 and innovative products and services. The repurposing and customized assembly
 of high value information enables organizations to create a consistent user
 experience, regardless of which information product a customer or partner
     Jeff Katzman will be speaking at the Advanced Distributed Learning
 Plugfest 9 in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Thursday, February 24, where he will
 be presenting the topic: Single Source for Blended Training Delivery.
     About Xyleme
     Xyleme is a leading provider of enterprise solutions that enable customers
 to transform, analyze, repurpose, and distribute continuously changing, high-
 value content across their organization and to their partners. Xyleme's
 evolutionary architecture supports Dynamic Business Content Models which can
 dramatically improve customer experience, eliminate content redundancy, and
 reduce time-to-market for new information products and services.
     In addition to integrated applications, Xyleme offers a scalable XML
 repository with both contextual and free text search, an application
 development environment, and a suite of non-XML content migration tools and
     Xyleme was founded in 2000 and is a privately-held company, with venture-
 backed investment from Societe Generale Asset Management, Viventures, Credit
 Mutuel du Nord, and Xitec Software. Xyleme's customers include some of the
 largest financial services and publishing firms in the world, including
 Deutsche Bank, Time Out, Hachette Fillipacchi and Le Monde.
     For more information about Xyleme, visit www.xyleme.com
     About WestNet Learning
     WestNet Learning develops and disseminates comprehensive learning
 products, prescriptive learning assessment programs, and related curricula to
 academic and corporate customers around the globe. Specializing in information
 technology, WestNet's products map to more than 20 industry certifications and
 are specifically designed for preparatory and assessment purposes. WestNet's
 product line includes fully illustrated textbooks, animated CD-ROMs,
 interactive Web-based courses, prescriptive personal learning options, and a
 full range of instructor resources for classroom, online, and self-directed
 learning. Inc. magazine recognizes WestNet as one of the 500 fastest-growing
 private companies in America, and the Denver Business Journal listed WestNet
 among the top 10 fastest growing privately-held companies in Colorado.
     For more information about WestNet Learning, visit
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