What You Need to Know in Selecting the Right Hunting Gloves

Dec 17, 2004, 00:00 ET from Swany America Corp.

    PORTLAND, Maine, Dec. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- What can be more miserable than
 ruining a hunt because of cold, wet or uncomfortable hands? Many features are
 important to consider in selecting the right glove to make your hunt a
 successful one.
     Choose gloves that are flexible, durable, waterproof, windproof,
 breathable, quiet, scent free, and most importantly warm.  John Kloser, Vice
 President, Swany America Corp. (http://www.swanyhunting.com), recommends the
 following tips:
      * If you are staying still for hours, it is important that your gloves
        provide extra insulation so your hands can be precise when time comes
        to shoot the target.
      * Gloves with removable tips keep fingers warm while waiting and free
        them when ready to shoot.
      * Choosing a lightweight, breathable glove is key for the hunter on the
        move, as the glove can help to regulate your body's temperature.
      * Waterfowl hunting is a waiting game in wet areas.  Look for gloves that
        have waterproof and breathable properties such as Gore-Tex(R) inserts.
     When choosing hunting gloves, look for the following key features:
      * Proper grip for better accuracy and command of your shooting equipment.
        Most gloves come with non-slip palm and finger surfaces that are
        camouflaged, but obvious to the touch.
      * A trigger finger for greater dexterity.
      * Quiet fabrics with odor eliminating systems.  When quality materials
        are used, it means a longer usage life for your glove and a good
        investment for your pocket.
      * Camouflage patterns to match any type of background including woods,
        leaves, marsh, wetlands, snow, grass, etc.  Mix patterns for the best
      * The correct fit to keep hands comfortable.  If in between sizes, choose
        the larger size so the protective insulation is not compressed thus
        reducing heat loss.  With more women showing interest in hunting,
        manufacturers have responded with women specific designs.
     Make sure to keep a dry pair in your car to wear after your hunt.

SOURCE Swany America Corp.