When Your Face Says You're 30 ... But Your Hands Scream You're 50 ... You Need to Get Rid of Those Serious Age Spots!

Apr 19, 2006, 01:00 ET from Bremenn Research Labs

    SALT LAKE CITY, April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- There's no question that the
 cosmetic industry has turned its focus from facial wrinkles to hand care.
 In fact, industry insiders have dubbed 2006 "The Year of the Hands." Over
 the next several months, cosmetic giants plan to introduce a new generation
 of hand-specific "anti-aging" potions.
     One of the most talked about products soon to hit the market is called
 Lumedia(TM), the ultimate solution for serious "age spots" on the hands,
 from Bremenn Research Labs(TM) ... the hyperpigmentation specialists who
 brought you the undereye "Serious Dark Circle" miracle cream, Hylexin(TM).
     "Let's face it, you can't hide your hands," says Heather Hurst,
 spokesperson for Bremenn Research Labs. "No matter how young your face
 looks, hyperpigmented age spots give away your age, making your hands and
 you look older. But now there's something you can do about it. Lumedia is a
 new, concentrated formula specifically developed to combat severe
 hyperpigmented age spots and help return the skin on the back of the hands
 to an even, smooth, youthful color and tone."
     According to Bremenn Research Labs, Lumedia is no ordinary skin
 lightener. Rather, it's a new combination of three powerful skin lighteners
 that dramatically reduce melanin concentrations (melanin causes dark spots)
 and inhibit tyrosinase activity (an enzyme that ultimately controls melanin
 production). Lumedia helps to quickly fade dark hyperpigmented problem
 areas and helps prevent new age spots from forming ... making it the
 ultimate solution for problem age spots and visible imperfections caused by
 sun and environmental damage.
     "Usually a result of aging or sun exposure, age spots are a growing
 problem, particularly as the baby-boomer generation continues to age,"
 explains Ms. Hurst. "Currently 90 percent of fair-skinned adults now have
 or will have age spots. In fact, in the United States alone, over 20
 million people have age spots, so we see a huge need in the marketplace for
 this product."
     In a clinical trial of Lumedia's core compound, subjects (mean age of
 40) with mild to severe age spots and/or hyperpigmented skin applied
 Lumedia twice a day for four months. The result? Visible improvement in the
 appearance of hyperpigmentation was seen in all test subjects (100%), while
 89.5% saw a visible improvement in age spots.
     In another double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, a group of
 women (average age of 58 years) applied a treatment cream containing the
 active Lumedia compound to one hand and a placebo cream to the other hand
 twice a day for 2 months. At the end of the study, 95% of the treated
 subjects experienced a visible decrease in hyperpigmentation in the treated
     "There's never been anything directed to the problem of 'serious' age
 spots until Lumedia," says Ms. Hurst. "That's why we're already seeing a
 huge pre-release demand for Lumedia."
     Initially, Lumedia will be available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue
 for $95.00.
     NOTE: Lumedia is applied twice daily to clean, dry skin, using a light,
 circular motion, until completely absorbed. Use only enough to cover areas
 with darker pigmentation.

SOURCE Bremenn Research Labs