Who Wants to Be a Multi-Millionaire?

Mohammed Basha of Delhi, India is First Winner

Of FreeLotto.com's $10 Million 'SuperBucks' Jackpot

'I Can Buy Myself a Car,' He Says, in One of Year's Great Understatements

FreeLotto.com's Global Presence Increases

As Winners Emerge From Around the World

Oct 19, 2000, 01:00 ET from FreeLotto.com

    NEW YORK, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Mohammed Basha, a life-long resident of
 Delhi, India, can finally buy himself a car ...  and much more.  The
 58-year-old Parliament reporter demonstrated that the Internet really is
 global -- and now has fulfilled a long-time dream -- by becoming the first
 winner of FreeLotto.com's(TM) $10 million, "SuperBucks" jackpot, believed to
 be the largest daily prize offered anywhere on the Internet.
     Basha's windfall underscores FreeLotto.com's growing presence around the
 world.  Already there have been more than three million winners of cash and
 prizes worldwide.  More than $330 million is available to be won every single
 month by the millions of people around the globe who are playing FreeLotto.com
 from home or local cybercafes.
     The $10 million jackpot won by Basha on Sept. 28 was followed three days
 later by a $1 million "Classic FreeLotto.com" jackpot won by Lee Kok Siong of
 Malaysia.  Both prizes were verified today.
     FreeLotto.com is now available online in six languages -- English, French,
 Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.  Five additional languages --
 Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean and Turkish -- will be
 added shortly.
     Basha, married with three adult daughters and two sons living at home, was
 shocked when he received the good news from Kevin Aronin, chairman and CEO of
 PlasmaNet, Inc., which runs the free sweepstakes game.
     "I could not believe it," he said. "One time I won one dollar playing
 FreeLotto, but that is the only thing I ever won.  I have never owned a car,
 so I will buy one now.  I will also clear out my debt and put money in the
     Basha has worked for 30 years as a Parliament reporter, helping to compile
 the official record of India's government proceedings.  His monthly salary is
 26,000R, or rupees, which equals approximately $565 U.S.
     "This is a great moment in FreeLotto.com's history," said Aronin.
 "Mohammed and Lee Kok Siong are our first big-money jackpot winners from
 overseas, which speaks to FreeLotto.com's international growth.  As great as
 it felt to give away $1 million to five previous winners, we must say that it
 feels a thousand times better to tell Mohammed that he has won $10 million.
 We invented the free, lottery-style Internet sweepstakes, and now we are
 taking it to new heights."
     Aronin went on to say "winning FreeLotto.com is a life-changing event.
 Basha wants to buy a car.  Well, he can buy a Rolls Royce if he wants to!  His
 annual salary is $6,780, so one can imagine the impact of winning $10 million.
     "FreeLotto.com is the game you can't lose, because it is absolutely free
 to the user and takes only a few minutes to play.  At the rate of $11 million
 in cash prizes in four days, we could give away over $1 billion a year.  Our
 goal is to have a $1 million prizewinner every day, and many more $10 million
 SuperBucks winners.  The best dot-com 'investment' might very well be the few
 minutes it takes to play FreeLotto.com."
     Aronin said that an average of 5,000 people win cash prizes every day on
 FreeLotto, "a number that will grow as we get even more players."  Many of
 these winners are recipients of smaller cash prizes, which they can keep or
 donate to charity through FreeLotto.com's "Click2Give" program.  In all,
 approximately 40 percent of FreeLotto.com's 12 million players worldwide have
 won cash prizes.
     In addition to Lee Kok Siong from Malaysia, FreeLotto.com's million-dollar
 winners include Susan Vazquez, Glenda Sexton, David Lamoureaux, Jennifer
 Fisher and Blanche Bolam, all from the United States.
     FreeLotto introduced its "SuperBucks" game in May, around the time that
 Basha discovered the Internet sweepstakes site while surfing the Net.  The
 SuperBucks game awards $10 million to any player correctly selecting seven
 numbers out of 50 in FreeLotto.com's daily, lottery-style ball-drop drawing.
 Basha's numbers, which he selected at random, were 5-15-21-29-37-45 and 48.
     About FreeLotto.com
     Launched in June 1999, FreeLotto.com has become the Internet's
 #1 sweepstakes site(*), with more than 12 million online users per month, as
 well as one of the Internet's premier advertising opportunities.
 FreeLotto.com, a free online sweepstakes run by PlasmaNet, Inc., offers daily
 grand prizes of up to $10 million and a guaranteed $1 million winner every
 month.  In order to play, users register (name, address, e-mail) and play a
 lottery-style game by choosing six numbers (or seven for the $10 million
 FreeLotto.com SuperBucks game).  They then click on one of three advertising
 banners or respond to "Plan to Buy" questions to submit their numbers.  This
 unique direct response vehicle offers advertisers extensive targeting
 capabilities at efficient rates.
     * Source: PC Data Online

SOURCE FreeLotto.com