Who Wants to be a Multi-Millionaire?

'Everyone' Says Publishers Clearing House's New pch.com

As Online Entries Pour in for Web's Biggest-Ever Prize: $21 Million.

Dec 21, 1999, 00:00 ET from Publishers Clearing House

    PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., Dec. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Publishers Clearing House,
 famous for its direct mail multi-million dollar sweepstakes prizes for
 decades, has launched pch.com, a new company that brings to the web a
 $21,000,000 sweepstakes -- the largest on the Internet -- and a totally new
 e-commerce business model.
     "This is not a case of simply taking our familiar offline brand and
 translating it to a website," said Andy Goldberg, Executive Vice President in
 charge of the Internet venture.  "We are creating a distinct and separate
 company that will leverage the promotion, marketing and database strengths of
 Publishers Clearing House, but provide web users with a totally new
     Also different is pch.com's business model.  "Everyone has learned
 sweepstakes can generate significant traffic, and the current contest sites
 are using that traffic for advertising-based revenue generation," said
 Goldberg.  "The pch.com model will be focused on e-commerce.  Visitors to the
 site will be provided with a superior sweepstakes and game-playing experience
 and at the same time be exposed to 'winning deals' on a variety of merchandise
 and magazine offers."
     The launch of pch.com will be supported with over $20 million in
 advertising that includes a year-end blitz of direct mail and over $10 million
 of television advertising promoting the $21,000,000 prize.
     "We are geared up for a level of traffic few sites have seen before," said
 Todd Sloane, Vice President of pch.com.
     "As the TV networks have been reminded in recent months, everyone wants to
 be a millionaire, and we're ready to make that happen for someone with a
 $21,000,000 prize awarded this Super Bowl Sunday," said Sloane.
     The Super Bowl award will be telecast on ABC-TV as soon as the game ends,
 where viewers will be able to see the famous Prize Patrol surprise someone
 with $21,000,000.  But visitors to pch.com will be in for even more surprises:
 "The pch.com VanCam will webcast behind-the-scenes action all day Super Bowl
 Sunday as the Prize Patrol prepares to surprise the unknowing winner," said
 Sloane.  "For the first-time, viewers will be able to see just how the entire
 process works, from the drawing to the actual moment someone finds out they
 are a $21,000,000 winner."

SOURCE Publishers Clearing House