Why Are Facial Brighteners Replacing Wrinkle Creams as Women's Favorite Anti-Aging Cosmetic?

Oct 17, 2006, 01:00 ET from Bremenn Research Labs

    SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- If you thought looking old was
 all about wrinkles... you thought wrong. It turns out that looking young
 has more to do with skin color and something called "brightness scale" or
 "full-spectrum reflectivity" than it does with frown lines and wrinkles.
 That's why Facial Brighteners (not the old-time "age spot" removers but new
 formulations designed to brighten skin all over your face) are replacing
 wrinkle creams as the fastest growing product category at prestige cosmetic
 counters around the globe (not only with the 50-plus boomer... but with the
 under 30 generation as well). Why? Because Facial Brighteners make you look
 younger... much younger, say the skin "gurus" at Bremenn Research Labs.
     Think about this... we all know someone who's been injected with
 Botox(R)* or had some type of "work" done on their face... their skin is a
 bit smoother, but when you get up close, they really don't look that much
 younger either. Something is... well... a little "off." Their skin just
 doesn't have that fresh, radiant glow of youth... still kind of dull, still
 kind of splotchy, still kind of lifeless (what experts call "sallow"...
 what we politely call "mature"). That's why cosmeceutical insiders are
 shifting their attention from wrinkles creams (there are plenty of great
 wrinkle creams out there like StriVectin(TM), La Mer, ReVive(R), etc.) to
 Facial Brighteners, targeting skin color and "brightness scale"... making
 Facial Brighteners the single most "must have" new anti-aging product on
 the market today.
     But... do Facial Brighteners really make you look that much younger?
 Are they worth the money? Or is it all simply hype?
     "As we approach the age of 30 skin becomes duller," explains Dr.
 Nathalie Chevreaux, Ph.D., RD, Director of Women's Health at Basic
 Research. "Skin starts to turn a kind of 'mousey brown'... spottier and
 splotchier as it loses that warm, radiant, 'pinkish' glow we used to have
 when we were kids. And interestingly enough," Dr. Chevreaux added, "this
 change in skin tone and color can occur in all ethnic groups.
 Unfortunately, no injection, scalpel or filler can bring back the radiant
 glow of youth. That's why Facial Brighteners are becoming so important."
     So why does our skin color turn as we age?
     According to Dr. Richard Wells, Ph.D., Director of Scientific Affairs
 for Bremenn Research Labs (the pigmentation specialists who brought you
 Hylexin(TM), the world's #1 formula for serious dark circles, and Lumedia,
 the hottest selling Facial Brightener on the market), changing skin color
 has a lot to do with light waves, color frequencies and how light is
 reflected. "As we age, proteins in the skin's epidermis become cross-linked
 and rigid... losing transparency and the ability to reflect warmer pink
 tones; thus resulting in a duller, darker, 'mousey,' if you will, pallor.
 Unlike simple 'age spot' removers new-generation Facial Brighteners are
 designed to be used over the entire face and actually restore the color of
 your skin's appearance. They make you look younger by increasing your
 skin's brightness scale and amplifying full-spectrum reflectivity,
 luminescence and clarity. It's quite a breakthrough."
     What does all of this mean in plain English?
     "Facial Brighteners are cutting edge skin care," says Heather Hurst,
 Public Relations Manager for Bremenn Research Labs. "They enhance the color
 of your skin... so you use less makeup, less concealer... and you don't
 look like you're trying too hard to hide your age. You just look naturally
     Hurst continued: "Participants in clinical trials reported younger,
 brighter, more radiant-looking skin in 29 days. I've spoken to users who
 saw a big difference in about a week. Look, I don't think women are going
 to give up their favorite wrinkle creams just yet, but once consumers see
 the amazing difference Lumedia makes they won't ever want to be without
     So, if you want to get rid of wrinkles, try StriVectin-SD from Klein-
 Becker, Botox from Allergan, or a facelift from your friendly neighborhood
 plastic surgeon. But if you really want younger looking skin, get rid of
 the appearance of telltale age spots, blotchy discolorations and visible
 imperfections, there's nothing more exciting than the hottest new category
 of science-based cosmeceutical Facial Brighteners... and there's nothing
 more effective than the category leader, Lumedia Facial Brightener.
     Lumedia Facial Brightener costs $90.00 (for approximately a three-month
 supply). Available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Lord &
 Taylor, and other smarter retailers. Lumedia can also be purchased directly
 from Bremenn Research Labs at www.BremennLabs.com.
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