Whyville.net and Toyota Financial Services Announce Launch of 'Scion Solutions'

Tool Aims to Educate Whyville Users About Financing as They Purchase

Virtual Scion Vehicles

Jul 17, 2006, 01:00 ET from Toyota Financial Services

    LOS ANGELES, July 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Whyville.net and Toyota Financial
 Services announced the launch of "Scion Solutions" this month within
 Whyville.net, the popular virtual world for children and young teens
     Sponsored by Toyota's Scion brand, the Scion xB first arrived in
 Whyville in May. Whyville citizens, but only those with enough clams
 (Whyville's virtual currency), could customize and buy virtual Scion xBs
 for cruising around the virtual world. Now, with help from Scion Solutions,
 Whyvillians who do not have enough clams to buy Scions outright will be
 able to finance them.
     "Whyville Scion Solutions is a perfect example of motivated, engaged
 learning," explains Dr. Jen Sun, President of Numedeon, Inc., Whyville's
 parent company. "The Scions are a huge hit with our kids. They want cars!
 But most citizens just don't have enough clams. We've set up the motivation
 for them to learn what it means to take out a loan. They'll learn about
 interest rates, down payment, credit history, and, perhaps most important
 of all, being responsible. If you default on your loan, you'll lose your
 car, and your credit history will be ruined so that you can't take out
 another loan. Educators and researchers know that students learn best when
 they really care about the topic. That's exactly what we try to do in
     Whyville's Club Scion now boasts a Scion Solutions Office where
 Whyvillians are met by a virtual Toyota Financial Services advisor who
 walks them through the loan process and helps them learn about their
 "WhyCO" scores. The WhyCO is designed to emulate the FICO(R) in real life.
 A Whyvillian's WhyCO score depends on a number of factors including his
 virtual income, ownership of a Whyville house or business, number of log-in
 days in Whyville, and leadership roles in the community. Based on these
 factors, a loan application is approved or rejected. Citizens who do not
 qualify for a loan by themselves can get loans if they are co-signed by
 wealthier friends. The Toyota Financial Services advisor will also point
 applicants to on-line resources to help applicants understand the details
 of financing, leasing, interest rates and credit.
     The virtual Scion xB's are priced at 15,000 clams for the basic model,
 while a fully loaded model exceeds 35,000 clams. Whyvillians can customize
 their xB's with real-world and fantasy accessories. They can even spend
 time in a bumper-sticker factory to design decals to apply to their xB's.
 Once purchased, a virtual Scion owner can cruise around Whyville, picking
 up friends for a ride.
     The term "Scion" has been used nearly 200,000 times in chat since the
 program launched less than three months ago. To date, Whyvillians have
 purchased more than 1,200 Scions and gone on 140,000 rides in their cars.
 With the introduction of Scion Solutions, many more Whyvillians will be
 able to own and drive a Scion, while learning valuable real-life lessons
 about financing and fiscal responsibility. In only a few days since
 opening, the Scion Solutions office has already approved several thousand
 loans, each time engaging the user in an educational manner.
     "We'd like to have educated customers down the road, and this program
 is a terrific opportunity to help tweens understand the process of
 financing a vehicle, everything from interest rates to FICO scores to
 repaying the loan," says Maria Tirado, TFS interactive marketing manager.
 "TFS wanted to be able to represent that for kids."
     About Toyota Financial Services
     TFS is the finance and insurance brand for Toyota in the United States.
 TFS retail auto financing and leasing services are offered through
 dealerships and Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (TMCC) and extended service
 contracts and other vehicle and payment protection products are offered
 through the dealer and Toyota Motor Insurance Services (TMIS). Lexus
 Financial Services and Scion Solutions are also featured brands under the
 TFS umbrella of products and services. Scion Solutions was created in June
 2003 to support the launch of Scion.
     About Whyville.net
     Whyville.net is the leading educational virtual world for boys and
 girls, ages 8 to 15. For eight years, the site has successfully created an
 environment that engages children to learn while having fun. Inside
 Whyville, "citizens" learn & play, socialize & recreate, govern & earn,
 write & design, eat & dance, and much, much more. Numedeon, Inc.,
 Whyville's parent company, develops virtual worlds that promote learning
 through interactivity and engagement. Numedeon was founded by Caltech
 scientists possessing research and practical experience with inquiry-based,
 constructivist pedagogy dictating that people learn best when actively

SOURCE Toyota Financial Services